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first time there will be such experience - start of server and immediately into roulette ... it would be better if they turned it on 3 days after the start

Goober Pyle

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I want believe in equal FF, if this happens, then world will live, it doesn’t even matter how populous it will be
I will try my best within the powers of The Team to make this a reality. Alas, managing the Meta is mostly outside my powers, and the concept of handicapping with battle caps is not likely to be accepted by the community, so, to whatever extent caps are adjusted to the meta it will be applied equally to all battles


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In past events, there are usually achievements, where are the achievements for this event?


Victor Kruger

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Currently after 1 week Montana shows 1152 in total .... easily subtract a few hundred who never pass lvl 5 as usual. lets say around 1k after a week. Not a great start and lots of known names in that bracket atm.

Top lvl is already 127 ( congrats btw ) with another 30 + over lvl 70, oh and the vast majority of chosen class are mostly damagers and second choice workers.. It dosnt bode well for any tanking in that environment & damage potential increase will only amplify that as time goes on.

Shows in how many greenhorns are around too higher lvl still & probably like me wondering what to choose while looking at the leaderboard and class imbalance thinking why bother being addy or soldier mincemeat with very little rewards every ff for a bunch of hiding damagers .. ..

Seriously Montana is already a worker and dueler class world ... which means im not sure what exactly for FF & world health but its got potential & i can see a silver lining for armed robbery like none other so ill be fine :up:... Just not likely to be epic FF & perhaps M really will become a berry picker world and die faster than all the rest have to date.

I hope im wrong ofc and time will tell
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Someone takes advantage of lower intelligence people who leave themselves unprotected in the Wild West, with all these bandits running about?
I can't bother to KO myself every 72 hours. I have always been against losing a duel on purpose to gain advantage. We should just be able to purchase duel protection instead.

We need a new topic for that. Should be easy to implement.


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Ah yes, the classic redirect when you don't have an answer. Good contribution, thanks for your expertise.
Ah, yes.......D....well, if you would like me to translate into an easier explanation---shooting and such skills exist in drop, experience and building gear pieces so there is some protection against bullies blasting folks who wish not be dueled. It doesnt really fully protect....but at least there is some protection. So it actually was only a "redirect" if you don't have a mastery of the game. D....D....D ;)