Do Ghosts Exist?


I wonder if ghosts are as interested in humans as humans are in ghosts.

Not that I am admitting that I believe in ghosts as I think it is all a lot of hokum.


Yes there are real Ghosts.
My mother saw one at the end of our hallway he was a friend of ours and was killed Nam it was about 2 months after his death that she saw him so I do believe in ghosts !! :D


The thermodynamics of ghosts is something we need to review upon and I think we can get around the conservation of energy in this way. We know that there are atoms and subatomic particles all round us which occupy different quantum states which are obliged only to obey certain statistical laws (no strict causality here). That means that they are capable of holding information. Let us say then that a person's identity is constantly leaking off as information to the surrounding particles. This information IS THE PERSON, it's software, not hardware. The body is the hardware that houses a given person (software) but because the identity is constantly leaked to the cloud (as in computer science) of information represented as the quantum state switching patterns of surrounding quantum particles, a person survives the demise of the physical body.

So we have life after death because the software is still preserved, but it is not able to influence physical reality the same way because the hardware of a corporeal body is missing. But the fluctuations of the quantum states of subatomic particles may be able to influence the brain activity of a living person(by passing on those fluctuations from the subatomic particles surrounding a person to those making up the person etc) So this INFORMATION(OR SOFTWARE) GHOST can, among other things, cause you to HALLUCINATE a more classical ghost sighting or experience. Thus, if you see Marie Antoinette somewhere in the Versailles palace, the physical image is unreal, but you REALLY hallucinate it, the activity in your brain is exactly as if you actually did see Marie Antoinette. Furthermore it is not your brain playing tricks on you but itself being tricked into certain states by deceptive outward stimuli. Thus the ghost itself is OBJECTIVELY REAL - software stored in the form of quantum fluctuations of subatomic particles which can influence brain activity causing you to hallucinate ghosts in more familiar forms such as touch, sight etc. Only the physical form we subjectively experience is an illusion. So we can in fact reconcile objectively existing ghosts with conventional thermodynamics! What do you think?


Listen, until its proven either way, I'm open to them existing. I've heard lots of reliable, sane people talk about ghostlike experiences, so I'm not going to say that they don't exist. At the same time I'm not saying that they do exist.

Big John1970

Ghosts are one of those things that will never be proven unless someone can show actual video or photographic evidence, backed up and witnessed by a reputable member of society.
With all the technology we have at our disposal today, how come no-one has managed to actually capture a ghost on camera without it looking like a really bad Photoshop job? My two-cents are that ghosts are nothing more than projections of our own mind. I have seen first-hand evidence of how something going wrong in the brain - even just a neuron misfiring - can convince a person that they are seeing and even hearing something that simply isn't there.
Bottom line, in a 'haunted-house' set up a myriad of temperature sensors, infra-red and ultra-violet cameras and microphones, all linked to recording equipment and have someone reputable standing by to witness the whole thing - someone who no-one can say, 'Ah he's just a crazy-person. No-one's going to believe him!' Get someone who no-one can say that because they are too highly regarded as someone who doesn't mess around or make things up.
Also, if ghosts exist, how come after so many years of humanity we aren't inundated with ghosts everywhere we go? How come they only seem to appear when it's dark and we feel 'spooky'? How come no ghost has ever appeared in the middle of a crowded shopping centre in the middle of a Saturday afternoon?
That's my two-cents and I'm bowing out now.


Perception of reality is a fragile thing too often ruled by consensus.