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Add text on the side panel when you click a player's name in battle to display the sector bonus that person is receiving.

Current Workaround
hover over every person in your sector to see if they have natty, munny, GG, etc then click their profile to see if they have the full weapon set and also check if they have munny clothes.

As stated above simply show sector bonuses when you click on a player. For example if I am in a sector with someone wearing natty gun set, someone with GG and I have Jeremiah Gun set it would display "+45 damage (sector bonus)" then underneath that it would show "+25 resistance".

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Visual Aids

Resistance is the green cross and damage is the crosshair, the part in brackets would be the sector bonus from others in sector and the number in front of that is the total damage bonus which in this case is 45 from the GG bonus and a +30 bonus from sector.

This would make it easier to see what sector has a high damage bonus that we can take advantage of.

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I would not mind knowing where the bonus in chance to hit and chance to dodge comes from either. Displaying resistance and damage bonuses you receive from other players would be beneficial to know as well. So I agree with your idea, even if I wouldn't necessarily need to know the gear at all.


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Jarograv, let me know if you want more time for discussion or if you want this idea polled.


This proposal is now up for a vote!

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