Display Adjusted Damage Range in Fort Battle Screen


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Display the damage value within the value that displays the gun's damage on the sidebar of the fort battle screen (bonus is from sector, gear and leadership multiplier) for teammates only.

Current Workaround
Hover over every person in your sector to see if they have natty, munny, GG, etc then click their profile to see if they have the full weapon set and also check if they have munny clothes.

Then you need to figure out which bonuses stack and which ones don't.

Then apply this formula:
Weapon Damage + (Weapon Damage × Leadership ÷ MaxHP)

...basically it's not feasible to bother checking what your damage amount is because it will change as you change sectors (assuming you aren't the one who has Natty guns+bart clothes+bart horse)

A while back I had submitted a thread regarding displaying resistance value and damage value and at that time the devs were already working on implementing the resistance value in the sidebar in the fort battle screen.

Link: Display Fort Battle Sector Bonus

I think this idea will help players to identify which sector they should try to gather in and will help players move more strategically as the game shifts towards a game of tanks and lead who... err... I mean damage dealers :p

Abuse Prevention
Prevent the enemy from seeing this value as is the case with the current resistance value

Visual Aids

This would make it easier to see what sector has a high damage bonus that we can take advantage of and will enable newer players to figure out their damage without sifting the wiki, asking townies, and doing formulas.

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My only concern with this idea there will be too much bumping going around as all the GG players want to be in the same sector, all the Barts/Will Munny/ natty want to be in the same sector and some low leadership privates/ captains may get bumped accidentally into the front line with low HP and die as a result. Otherwise it's a good idea.
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The idea has its merits. Although are you really going to check every player to see they are in sector x if the sector is mostly full to see if it is getting a certain bonus. Let the players think a little, a good leader knows who is in which section providing max bonus, and a max bonus provider could certainly advertise the fact they are one and/or in a specific sector.

Implementing this could lessen the need to pay attention to the chat as a player. This is a bad thing imo, we need to pay attention to the chat as much as possible


Same as PTY, it serves little purpose. I would rather have it organized and communicated than let everyone decide for themselves. But on the other hand, there is no downside to it anyhow so I personally think it is unnecessary but can see how it might be useful for some as well.


I'm also of the opinion, the idea was in part passed before. The developers decided to do the resistance part(I guess because that is hard to calculate for some) and not place a system for the damage. I assume that was done for a reason
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This was sent to vote a day or two after the resistance value was implemented :)

Thank-you for the feedback everyone, I myself was a bit on the fence to whether or not I wanted to keep calculating it, or have the luxury of seeing my actual damage range in the FF screen :)