Dishonourable duel stat?


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When a town member completes a duel against another player, the stats of both players are compared. If the challenger has significantly stronger skills than the defender, their town loses an honor point, otherwise one is gained.

The stat has no meaning in-game other than feeling good about not trash-duelling. Personally I kind of wish it was reflected somehow in the town's duel points in the rankings.

Tucker Blue

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i didn't realise you could check other towns' mortician. So why is this even a thing? It literally makes as much sense as a ponzi scheme. Eventually you're gonna be a kickass dueler and the only targets you'll have save the rare few that are in your league will be dishonourable. It's absolutely unavoidable to drive your towns dishonourable duel stat into the ground. i don't even understand why this was an idea that made it to Inno's staff meeting table.