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Here we go,

In the hopes that this doesn't get immediately closed out or deleted, I would like to clarify that this forum should only be used, not to demand change to the system (as we only know that poker is being implemented, but not yet HOW), but simply to provide an open area for the expression of ideas that could be used to improve upon the game. At the 'end' of this thread, whenever that may be, the best suggestions, the ones that become popular in this topic will be gathered together and THEN submitted as suggestions. Until then, this is only a discussion of a yet-to-be-refined suggestion.

To clarify in short for any moderators, please do not take this as a suggestion yet, simply as the common gamer's way of getting all of our ideas on one table. Thanks :)

Now comes the discussion...

Poker, what is it, how is it being put in place, what sort of ups and downs will be involved with the well-known game? We don't know precisely yet, but here's our chance, as the target audience, to review, critique (POLITELY) and discuss (ALSO POLITELY) the different aspects of the new facet to The West.

Personally, having heard that this will be a poker setup with players facing artificial intelligence opponents, I have a couple of thoughts on how to improve the functionality or at least the enjoyment level of any poker implemented on The West.

Suggestions (Please discuss and critique these, I love constructive discussion)

-make poker playable between players in a PvP system
-host PvP poker tournaments at pre-scheduled times in either one specific location in a world, or in a certain place per county.
-(in the event that the above suggestion isn't favorable) allow towns to hold poker tournaments with the proceeds (a portion of them) going into the town treasury
-consider instituting a new, "Gambler" class, this suggestion has already been made yes, but I am just getting everything down in one place for easier reading and consideration.

Potential for Abuse:

As with any idea involving money, this could be abused. In all fairness I'm going to post the potential for abuse here to start.

-people willingly losing money to other players

If you make sure though, that the house, in this instance the town hosting a game, keeps a percentage of the winnings. you minimize the money that could simply be 'given' to another player.

Now for a direct quote from something I have submitted elsewhere, but I would like to have it discussed a bit with the expansion of poker in mind as well.... Quote begins...

Now for a couple of suggestions about a proposed "Gambler" class of player, or at least ideas surrounding gambling on The West (acknowledging that I do not know how poker is precisely being implemented).

Benefits to being a "Gambler"
-not all of these would HAVE to be implemented, this is just a list to pick from

-stay in foreign hotels free until level 1 ( an obvious take from Adventurer)
-a bonus of 5% on top of the value of any pot won (bonus % could be discussed, this is just a concept)
-Gambler class receives no damage on the first round of a fight (the post by "MyNameWasTaken" seems perfectly reasonable, and any Star Wars fan will see a connection here. A gambler would indeed have a hidden weapon on his/her person to even out the odds in case another player was found cheating)
-able to deposit money in foreign banks at a service fee rate of only 15-16% as opposed to the conventional 20%.

End Quote.

Alright, there's the majority of my ideas. Everyone, please feel free to add your ideas into this thread, as my goal here is to pre-screen ideas so that the Inno staff and their volunteer moderators don't have to do as much work, and so we can all hear what each other has to say :)

Hoping for lots of creative discussion,

Josh :cool:


to any moderator who might close this on the basis of it being a discussion and not a direct suggestion, please do not close/delete this. Move it somewhere else sure, but the final products of this discussion will wind up under Brainfarts and Ideas anyway, I just figured it was less moving around to be done this way.
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Please stick to your idea and dont worry about my job.

As for your idea of poker it is on the Roadmap and it will be brought to the game however the developers want to. We have very little say in a feature that has already been discussed and sent to the developers.

Now I just went through the ideas previously posted and this idea was passed to the developers.. but I dont have a thread to link off of to show where it was discussed. I think it was talked about and passed back in oh I dont know 2 years ago... So this is monumental... I will leave this thread open and let Poker be discussed, so we have an official poker thread to reference, but keep in mind it was already discussed and sent to the developers...

Now I'd prefer to have 1 idea per thread. So dont go off in 15 different directions. 15 directions means more work for me.

Keep a single idea. If you do go off in 15 directions then when it comes time to vote people will say no to the whole idea, if they dont like part 7 but like 1-6 8-15.

So keep this to a mini-poker game..leave the gambler character out of it and discuss the gambler character in a different thread.

You also have 1 day to organize your post #1 into an idea. Using the idea format guideline. If you don't I will close this discussion down.


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Well, in the case that poker MUST be kept as only a mini-game, and that I have to drop the Gambler class, I really can see no recommendations for ideas aside from this...


The establishment of The West poker tournaments. These would be held once a month with a tiered system of play. Every player wagers a standard amount of money to start, they proceed up through the tournament by winning hands and eliminating other competitors.

Current Workaround



As I am not a coding expert or game programmer, I really am making, to an extent, a blind suggestion of an idea but here is my best description. Every month, for example, on the 22nd day of every month, a poker tournament with a maximum number of 500-600 players begins in a founder's town (those yellow marked towns that exist from the start of the game). the tournament gives prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers which compose of...

1st: half of the total of entrance fees
2nd: one third of the total of entrance fees
3rd: ...never was good with fractions... 1/6th of the entrance fees

I cannot recommend how to setup the tournaments, as I have said I;m not a programming whiz and I acknowledge my ignorance in this, but I'm sure a simple system could be covered from a poker site, or some very basic poker playing software with some modifications.

Abuse Prevention:

Multi-accounting would be the only real way to increase your odds of winning the tournament and Inno already has the ability to crack down on this so abuse of the system shouldn't be a great worry.

As far as visual aides go, I would suggest going with your standard gambler screenshot from the homepage, and have the animations (if any) for cards be layered over that, or something similar to the bar in Henry Walker's saloon.

that should be the entirety of the 'proper' posting format.... I hope. Sorry if I flubbed anything.

This is my #1 suggestion (out of the ones I have been left with)

goodnight all!


In short:
1. minigames are on the "don't suggest" list
2. ideas about a feature that is not yet added, but will be, and we can't possibly know how will that work are of no use at all

No, 1 star.

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Joxer, I know the rules... however I need a discussion on Poker so I can link it to the Already submitted ideas.... as currently there isnt one. I did a search and didnt come up with much.

Even though the idea was passed and submitted to the developers... just not sure when.

So the purpose of this thread is for a once and for all discuss how poker should/shouldnt be done and I can submit that and be done with it and link it so when the next person brings up Poker I can already discussed, look here link.

Linked to Frequently Suggested Ideas - Subsection Passed.
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well since the time this game was set poker was illegal, it could a job with very high risk and its at the saloon as a job in any town but if its not yours you have the most chance of getting killed. I like the idea but i just gave my suggestion for it to make the game ,if this is added to it , more real like for the time the game is set.


No no
Poker is going to be a game you can play with your friends.


Texas Hold 'Em


PvP should be done in a casino - that way, if a player is being disruptive and causing a ruckus, they can be kicked/banned
if banned, could add new items: disguise

Casino Location
the reserved building next to the sheriffs office

caused by: cheating (and possibly being to rowdy - with a drinking element... no... maybe I'm thinking of pool, but rowdy maybe sounds like a good idea)

against PvP: player A has option to cheat (button), player B has option to accuse another player of cheating (additional button). if accusation is correct, then the player who cheated gets a life ban from that casino (ends up in the hotel of same town as the casino they got kicked from, loses all money in hand & on the table, also loses all life points... so they have to sleep it off)
against NPC: pot luck if you get away with it

Gameplay (PvP vs NPC)
NPC: isn't in the casino... it's a 'job' - the player doesn't get to see the cards
adds a new product: deck of cards, gambling chips, book of poker rules (readable - kinda like the 'Advent Calendar'), cheating instrument/machine/aid, etc...
PvP: played in the casino, you get buttons to press: fold, call, raise, cheat, accuse, etc...

Cheat Button (PvP)
if not dealer: secret hidden card to replace one from your hand
if dealer: you get to see a random card, with the decision of dealing that card to the player (instead of the card on top of the deck)

add special skill point attributes: cheating, causing distraction, sleight of hand, etc...
or maybe it can be a combination of specific, currently existing skills - like: appearance, tactics, setting traps, fine motor skills, reflex, dodging, hiding, shooting, etc...

receiving a life ban is not indefinite - there are two options:
1)wait 52 weeks - until the pit boss forgets your face (so they don't recognise you)
2)put on disguise (could be new item set) - but risk getting caught... samething happens as if were successfully accused of cheating

Poker tournaments

tours the world, town by town - kinda like they do it in real life which towns?

Bill Goldman

My apologies, but I just can't see the value in adding poker to The West. Perhaps it would be different if there was some sort of unique direction you could go with this, but there are hundreds of online gambling sites. If that was really appealling to me, I'd spend my time (or that portion of it) on one of those sites, instead of playing a poker mini-game here.

I say this because I just can't conceive of a way to make poker an appealling part of The West. Maybe the devs can figure it out, but I'm skeptical. I'd much prefer that the effort be spent on things that would improve upon the unique aspects of The West. Happily, that has apparently been happening for the last two or so years.


they have poker in all the cowboy films

must be like their tradition/culture or something?

this game seems to be more cowboy based - you don't see any native american villages, with TP's and stuff, on the map in any worlds... they're all cowboy

Dirty rotten Billy

Im a bit of a gambler :D I'd like to see a roulette table :cool: introduced into the game there is no way it can be used to cheat or help profit someone else, as it's all down to the spin of the wheel.

Poker would be fun too if I had any friends :( , remember roulette table ;) is good for the lone ranger, good for me :laugh:


An new building maybe?
Wgere you can play a lot of games
-Dutcht game with two dice
you need as high throw.
you throw that 3-1 is the lowest is 31.
The other has three chances to get over Tekom he throws 3-1 and I think let the 3's and throw that one back and then he throws 5, he has 53 points (highest figure) he throws a 3, are 300 points. if someone throws 21 2-1 joker then get the lowest penalty points 2. 5 staff whose lowest points wins.

I am dutch but cab very bad english.


lol this thread is old :p poker have been implemented in the past, but it has been removed, because besides it being bugged as hell, devs just didn't go for it in the end due to reasons


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It wasn't played with real money because of the pushing opportunities it would create. Because of its apparent uselessness, people lost interest in it and there was no point having it in the game.


It took me at least 3 phrases to read and realise that in fact poker will not come back (thank god). I was alarmed when I saw that there are 2 pages of discussion about poker :p


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Aw darn.

Just joined this game a bit ago and as I went through TW's gameplay's on YouTube - I really was reaally looking forward to the multiplayer Poker aspect. Having things like this really bring out the Western experience? I want to feel like I am in a western and what gives a better 'western' feeling than meeting new players while dealing out cards??
I even ended up asking the opinions of older players and some even said they missed the small but cool little things like Poker; others didn't care enough either way. Is there absolutely no way we can better the Poker system? Maybe add Blackjack instead or whatever?

*Watching this thread!
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