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Discussion in 'Saloon' started by JoxerTM, May 26, 2010.

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  1. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    I'm unsure if anyone will find some quests and questlines amusing, but it seems to me that there is more than one April fool quest.
    What were devs thinking?

    1. The whole Henry's birthday questline
    You are supposed to get wool (3), leather (2) and union flag (1). Reward? Unbelievably "big", you get 100$, 180XP and Gray bowler hat (buying price 420$).
    While wool and leather are not so hard to get, union flag is in most cases tougher to find than the fishing rod. And with fishing rod the reward is more juicy (500$ and 500XP). The only thing that doesn't make this questline utterly rediculous is that you can get it on level 11.

    2. Tomorrow's headline questline
    After a duel and wasting total of 8 hours on printing and selling newspapers, you receive another "awsome" rewards: 25% and 125XP! For god's sake... The same thing you can get for only 2 hours on some high XP jobs, for example settlers' track protection which you can get pretty early if concentrated on charisma. This one is definite crap.

    3. Gemstones questline
    Is this the worst one? I don't think so, but almost. You need to provide blue and green indian necklace, 2 gemstones and a shovel plus do a duel. While indian necklaces are pretty cheap to buy or can be received during jobdoing, 2 gemstones are not so easy to find. And what do you get as a reward? 110 XP and Plain iron cross which is so "great" that most ppl will sell it and receive 365$ which can hardly cover days of XP and money wasted on gemstone search.

    4. Wild horses questline
    I'm under impression this is the worst questline in the whole game. First, you get it probably a month after you've bought a mustang on level 30. What you need to do is to provide warm meal (2), wood (24 pieces, wtf?!), lasso (5) and win a duel. The generous reward is 470$, 140XP and - a mustang! Why am I feeling as an idiot doing this questline?

    5. Three rivers goldmining quest
    Ok, I admit, you get a nice XP and money from Three rivers questline. But what bothers me is a part where you're supposed to bring back 15 pieces of Fool's gold! How many hours you need to collect this? Hours? That would be days actually. At the same time you get more XP and more money by doing only some jobs.

    6. Ghost Town make the man and looking for traces quests
    In short, you're supposed to invest pretty much money and time (12 hours) to solve these two branchending quests just to be rewarded with 50XP and 75$. Either devs made a mistake with those rewards or this questline is unfinished.

    I believe that these quests(lines) and rewards should be changed or completely removed from the game. Those make the game irritating.
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  2. whitewraith

    whitewraith Guest

    While I agree that some of the quest are disappointing, especially the ghost town "mystery" reward turned out to be bogus, in general I see the quests as adding more depth to the game rather than being easy routs to money or xp. Also, doesn't the three rivers end in one of the Hernando's decisions? Makes it more significant when you look at it that way.
  3. eliel007

    eliel007 Guest

    Henry's birthday questline is quite nice actually. With the new "Raise the Flag" medal people are trying to find the flag anyway.

    Three rivers is important for another reason.
  4. turda

    turda Guest

    Well what do you want? A parade for each quest you complete?
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  5. tom paris

    tom paris Guest

    i haven't done any quests on world 1 except introduction
  6. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    If you'll lead it, I sure do. :p

    But anyways, thanks for the three rivers tip. Which doesn't change my mind on the other quests I've mentioned.
  7. sesythe

    sesythe Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2009
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    Part of what you are seeing is that these quests weren't all added at the same time. As the game has progressed, the newer quest lines have (with a few exceptions) given rewards that have been progressively better. So many that you list were some of the earlier ones added.

    Lately, when a lower level quest is added, high level players have complained that the reward isn't worth the time involved. For better or worse I think this has made the devs move towards larger rewards.

    Of course, nobody's forcing you to do any of these quests to begin with ;)
  8. FantasyGhost

    FantasyGhost Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2010
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    Ghost town clothes make the man isn't really finished. Check the first 3rd key thread for clues. Same as casino banale
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  9. Lobo

    Lobo Guest

  10. Saltin

    Saltin Guest

    LOL now that would be cool. Need everyone saluting + marching band too,also you might want to include dancing girls and balloons.
    I was thinking fireworks too but that might be pushing it!

    To the OP,yeap i agree but remember that certain builds at certain level brackets have poor job prospects and that some of these bad rewards might actually be quiet good for them.

    I don't normally do any quest line until i read up and check them for lameness factor first.
  11. mawihtec

    mawihtec Guest

    sometimes these so called "lame" quests can come in handy especially if your sat there with them ready to click on complete complete complete to go through the whole sequence if you run out of energy just 200xp from level up then voila a few button presses and heypresto full energy and health again
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  12. Trojon

    Trojon Guest

    I'm kinda new to this but I think that alot of those "not worth it quests" are more or less just filler. I am an adventurer and I always finish the main quests well before i reach the level of the next ones in the chain. I think it would be more depressing to see no quests available and subtract from a players motivation to log on.

    Pretty much all Ive got left to look at are those "filler quest" which I may or may not do.

    After thinking about it though, I do kind of wish they would put an "Ignore Quest" just to get rid of the exclamation point above their heads. I think everyone in the saloon has one now.

  13. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Don't be so sure - I don't have any exclamation mark. ;)
  14. GodfatherLV

    GodfatherLV Guest

    You forgot soldiers quest series. Normal soldier just can't finish it.
  15. turda

    turda Guest

    I beg your pardon?
    What is exactly your ideea of a normal soldier?
  16. GodfatherLV

    GodfatherLV Guest

    You are forgiven.

    Soldier that is mainly dueler/fort fighter. I finished this series while being soldier trapper/shooter. Melee soldiers on the other hand can't even dream of completing this. I might be wrong but I don't want to discuss this. Only mentioned that soldier quest line isn't worth it.
  17. turda

    turda Guest

    funny... I always thought they were the most rewarding quest lines of all character classes.
  18. Konsto

    Konsto Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    JokerTM :

    I must not agree with that you dont like GHOST TOWN quest line. I think that (yes) is very hard (i done it lvl 55 - pure adventuer). but u get nice xp and good shoes.:)

    The quest I hate is http://www.weststats.com/Questview/?group=44 (the great journey)
    You need so many difrend things and revard is of course ''georgeous''

    that is all from me
  19. JoxerTM

    JoxerTM Guest

    Read details please. I've said that two branchending quests from Ghost Town series are a big disappointment, not the whole thing.

    The grat jurney ends by giving you +1 DEX. I adore all quests that give you AP or SP as a reward no matter how hard those are.
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  20. I finished it as a melee on NL4, but my build was totally screwed up of course. Had to reskill 120 points and 20 attributes back, afterwards.

    And to make matters even more crazy: I'm now reskilling for ranged there... :p