Deadwood City is reruiting


Town Name: Deadwood City

Town Rank: 522

Town Points: 10290

What classes are required: Open to all
*Female Players Preferred*

Number of Open Positions: 9

Town Descriptions/current building levels:
Town Hall - lv7
Market - lv1
Residences - lv2
Bank - lv5 (9% Deposit fee)
Hotel - lv3
Gunsmith - lv4
Tailor - lv2
General Store - lv4
Mortician - lv1
Church - lv1
Sheriff - lv3

Where to contact: Send a telegram to my player "evalani"

1. Items sold among members must not exceed the regular purchase price mentioned on the item description (preferably the lowest price necessary to create an offer).

2. Everyone will be required to help out each other with collecting items for quests/missions (should be normal).

Benefits: I'm currently at Level 59 so I will have lots of info/resources available based on experience for beginners.
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