Feedback Day of the Dead 2021


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I really like the gambling aspect of the dotd as a mechanic, but to fully enjoy this feature you need a lot of tries. And that is only possible with nuggets and multiple accounts unfortunately.

If it was possible with bonds i dont think anyone would be complaining, as some gambling can be fun since we dont have poker.


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Not sure it is the right place, but @Al35ul @mnnielsen @Syntex :

The sale will be available between 31st October 2021 at 12:00 (BETA: 9:00) and 02nd November 2021 at 12:00 (BETA: 9:00).

You guys are 5 hours late, because every market could start it right in time, except .net.


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I know it's useless but even that "player requested" Green set or whatever have Set bonuses so I was like why they ain't written :roll:


It is impossible to get set & weapons without nuggets hell i even get end game on first draw not to mention you need to bribe on 3-4 draws so event is total **** ,i wont spend nuggets to get set like i did on Kanzas because in 6months you will open new server.... This game have maybe 1000-2000 players. So way is inno west staff so autistic to put all players on 1 max 2 servers...


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imo it should have set bonuses, otherwise whats the point getting it ? there are many players on many worlds that just started and not paying for some rigged card game. atleast they could use few bonuses to get familliar with this game.


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Okay I was looking through the weapons of the event and couldn't help but notice the Jaguar ones which seemed mixed up between ranged (macahuitl which is misspelled) and melee (knife). The Macuahuitl seems more like a melee weapon and the knife can always be thrown to make it a ranged weapon like the bavarian one...perhaps this is just innological I don't know but maybe can just swap it around to make more sense?