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Should the Dancers set be modified as follows:

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Belle Starr Colt

Poll: Voting will begin now for 14 days. If the poll receives 80% of the popular vote then it will be submitted to the developers to let them decide if the idea is worthy enough to be put into the game or not. Passage of this set does not necessarily mean it will make it into the game. It is just a suggestion to be passed on to the developers. If the idea fails then it will be put in the rejected pile not to be discussed again unless prior consent from a mod gives approval.

~Good Feather~


After the 1.30 update I was wearing my favourite Dancer's Set. When I've finished greenhorn quest I've proudly put on new belt and pants. Well after that I looked myself and sad... for god sake I look like a clown...

Current Workaround
So I've currently looked like this:

After that I sad myself... We need to work on in a little... this great set should look more sophisticated... so I've putted a few ideas together....

Visual Aids
So the new visual look should look simmilar to this:

Maybe because the choker is in white colour we could use white stockings with purple addons, but anyway even this one looks much more better... :p Please don't criticize the looks... this was all made in a few minutes and final set should look a bit better... It's only an idea how we can improve it...

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Yes/No
Is this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? Yes/No

A little request: Please one of the mods correct the topic title into Dancer's Set. I cannot do it myself, well I can but my changes don't affect original title... :(
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Leona Long Legs

Oh yes! I like! :D

Same with the Gents, they can have some really nice black pants and a smashing looking belt to keep them up with.

EDIT: I really love the black stockings, no white ones, please. The pearl choker is fine as it is, we all know that white pearls make our eyes look much better.
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So that's a hint on how to collect a medal from Serving in the Army job every time... :D

+5 (stars) from me.


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I like the idea and I'm sure a lot more sets will be requested to add pants & belts too and I can't disagree with it. Also your picture is pretty nice a few tweaks and it'd be perfect but not a bad job at all.


nice loving it since am a female character in the west would fit us female charcters


i like it :), i personaly think all sets should have belts and pants added to them!

Only problem i can see is the boosts for having the set of 7 items on, might be quite hard to balance but apart from that i like it so 5 stars from me :D

Bill Goldman

I wonder what the next full set will be Gent, Indian, Farmer, Holiday, Sleepy?
We've not yet had a set that filled every available slot.

The Holiday set filled 7 of 8 (no shirt), prior to the two new slots.

The new Greenhorn set fills 8 of 10 (no product, no gun).

I'm guessing that the Holiday set will be the first and only that eventually can fill every slot.

BTW, I'm all for extending the current sets to possibly include pants and belt.

Good Feather

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JonOfTheWest is out for a bit on vacation... so I have decided to go through and add a poll on this and get it done.


I have held off on voting because I don't see 2 bits of vital information...

1) What are the bonuses:
A) for each item by itself
B) of the additonal pieces of the set when put together.

2) Will the Gentlemen set also be changed.
A) Doesn't have to be this idea, but if so they should be passed together...
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Good Feather

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Ive always liked leaving the bonuses to the developers to decide. When you start tackin on our dream bonuses and etc it gets drawn out and then as when the Indian set got implemented we didnt get the same stats anyway.

Cowboy Lincoln

Just one condition:
Gentleman set must also have a pant and a belt. This would be discrimination. :p

I voted yes.


I like the idea, even though I myself am not female, but it's a good addition for women. And what happened to that Parasol idea?
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