Discussion in 'World 1' started by Gouge, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Gouge

    Gouge Guest

    I think im starting to see a pattern here.

    Outlaw Creek

    Calamity Creek

    Phoenix Creek

    But im sure its just a coincidence...right?
  2. Lucildence

    Lucildence Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2008
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    all in the family or something
  3. herbaltea

    herbaltea Guest

    This will be a fun thread.
  4. Pro

    Pro Guest

    This has been discussed already.
  5. /Gescholssen
  6. Hihosilver7

    Hihosilver7 Guest

    BAHAHAHAHA SPAM much guys?...

    if you read my PHEONIX Creek thread you would have noticed that were not part of a familly...

    Whats wrong with you?

    paranoid much?

    ZOMG FAMILLY TRIBES because they are founded near a CREEK!!:eek:

    In my opinion grow up this is a brand new game in my oppion even if someone tried making a familly tribe/township idk what to call it it wont work

    Like all familly tribes they die because they SUCK
  7. my town will be called "Johnathon's Erectile Dysfunction". How's that for originality.
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  8. herbaltea

    herbaltea Guest

    Add Creek at the end and it might be acceptable.

    I've heard that periods work as good as hitting enter after every thought.
  9. Hihosilver7

    Hihosilver7 Guest

    nah i like pressing enter

    i like the spaces

    i cant read continuous paragraphs of writing as it bores me

    and plus this looks neater
  10. nah i like pressing enter. i like the spaces. i cant read continuous paragraphs of writing as it bores me. and plus this looks neater.

    ?? what do you think. btw im not siding with the troll, just tryna get u to see from his perspective.
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  11. *Snickers in the background*
  12. Hihosilver7

    Hihosilver7 Guest

    LOL! fine you rather me write like this? well NO

    im not gonna change because you dont like it

    its just how i type on forrums so get over it..

    this topic was a complete waste of time can we get a mod to close this?
  13. Gouge

    Gouge Guest


    Hihosilver7 Today at 9:08 AM

    Omg THEIR FOUNDING A TOWN NEAR A CREEK /me lables them familly tribe
    oh wait that tribe has the same ammount of players as that one THATS IT THEIR FAMILLY TRIBE

    get my jist?

    PHX CREEK IS NOT! i say again IS NOT! a familly tribe
    so grow up get something else to rant about

    Kind regards

    Lol familly tribes BAHAHAHA you make me laugh here have a cookie and a glass of milk now go have your nap
  14. Hihosilver7

    Hihosilver7 Guest

    i dont get this update?
  15. Gouge

    Gouge Guest

    You wrote it, you should understand it.
  16. Hihosilver7

    Hihosilver7 Guest

    Yeah if you want it explained how about reading it rather than picking on grammar errors?

    If you read the forrums a bit more mabey you wouldnt have to make up bs topics?
  17. arr matey. leave the personal insults for mockery during duels. or jump into the PM's, whether u want menstrual cycles or private messages, that, my friend, is up to you.
  18. Gouge

    Gouge Guest

    Actually this topic is very relevant and an on going issue, maybe you should go back a few pages and read up on it.
  19. SoulTW

    SoulTW Guest

    Creek Family hugs?
  20. Hihosilver7

    Hihosilver7 Guest


    ok heres the map showing STATES in the bottom right hand corner

    if you take note each 3 of the towns of this so called "Familly" group are in 3 seperate states zomg! :eek:

    familly tribes usually base around the same area

    in tribal wars familly tribes usually co-exist in the same K

    In The west familly groups would form in the same STATE not in 3 different states.

    all i have to say about this topic is

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