Crazy Turks Town -- Looking For Active Players


Crazy Turks Town is looking for Active Players to join the town.
if you are a level 10 ( and above ) with a Class description and want to join a town , You are Welcome To JOIN " Crazy Turks " Town
Remember :
“We always have a nice and cozy Hotel (Best Cleaning & Warm Meal every day)”
“If you looking For a Deposit Box We Have a Bank With secure Vault”

For invitations Leave You’re Character Name Here

Like :

Character Name : seecret
Class : Adventurer

Expect Invitations within the 24 Hours
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Our Town Has :

Town hall lvl 10 - Market lvl 1 - Residences lvl 10 - Bank lvl 10 - Hotel lvl 5 - Gunsmith lvl 15 - Tailor lvl 10 - General store lvl 10 - Mortician lvl 1 - Sheriff lvl 1

Remember : Crazy Turks Town is in Indians County.
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