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I propose something new for everyone who enjoys making usable products for oneself and for the community. I propose specializations, a reward for all the hard work you invest in crafting.

Current workaround

Specializations are tier 2 upgrades of the four professions, available only to players with more than 625 crafting points(when the last 2 recipes go green). Each profession would unlock 4 specializations (16 in total) with different recipes and you would be able to permanently choose one of them. Level cap would be moved from 650 to 700.
Due to the shortage of time, I've made a decision that a single specialization would be limited to FIVE products. One consumable product and the other four non consumable, used as ingriedients to make that product. Schematically, it would look like a scale. First you make a raw product. You turn that into a refined product. From the refined you make an even more refined product and so on, until you can make a useful, consumabe product.

Recipe 1 : different products : Product 1
Recipe 2 : Product 1 + diff.products : Product 2
Recipe 3 : Product 2 + diff.products : Product 3
Recipe 4 : Product 3 + diff.products : Product 4
Recipe 5 : Product 4 + diff.products : Final product.

So, there would be five recipes. I can't think of the ingredients, that'd be the devs task.
First two recipes would be unlocked at level 625 and would turn green at 650.
Second two recipes would be unlocked at level 650 and become green at level 675.
The final recipe would become available at level 700.

All 16 specializations would have their approporiate titles or names, based on the real life jobs. For example scientist, engineer, brewer...

This is a list of final, consumable products from all specializations, with their possible effects included. Some would require ingredients crafted from the professions, to make use of the currently useless recipes. (eg. dry meat, recycle paper...).
NOTE: Product names are just placeholders and could be changed at any time
Field cook products:
SPEC 1: - pork lard. Effect: +5 strength +50 toughness, work motivation increase 20%. Uses: 10x. - would use jerky as an ingredient.
SPEC 2: - beer. Effect: +200 labor points, +5 strentgh, +5 mobility, +5 dexterity, +5 charisma.
SPEC 3: - a FF skill buff, something similar to vegetable dumpling, 10 uses. can't think of the name right now.
SPEC 4: - a versatile buff for duelers, 10 uses.
Tonic peddler products:

SPEC 1: - detailed work blueprints. Effect: +350 labor points. Uses: 10x. - makes use of the paper.
SPEC 2: - health tonic. Effect: health point bonus 75%, energy bonus 25%. Uses: 10x.
SPEC 3: - cigars. Effect: duel motivation increase 100%. Uses: 10x.
SPEC 4: - blueberry liqueur. Effect: work motivation increase 100%. Uses: 10x.
Blacksmith products:
SPEC 1: - prototype revolver. Effect: +50 aiming, +25 dodging. Uses: 10x. - this one would make use of the revolver mould, as Elmyr suggested.
SPEC 2: - rifle scope. Effect. +100-100 fort battle damage. Uses: 10x.
SPEC 3: - weapon cleaning tools. Effect: +80-95 duel damage. Uses: 10x.
- plated mail armor. Effect: +10 fort battle defence, +25 health points. Uses: 10x.
Master saddler products:
SPEC 1: - leather tent. Effect: energy bonus 40%, work motivation increase 50%. Uses: 10x.
SPEC 2: - horse cart. Effect: possibly +10 mobility, +45 trading. Uses: 10x. -the bonus is yet to be decided.
SPEC 3: - a buff with with 50% active waytime shortening and 10 uses. -basically the same as "nugget jumping".
SPEC 4: - a buff with +300% speed, 10 uses.

The effects might be overpowered, however everything has its own price. Crafting those products would be twice as hard compared to the profession products.
How much harder is that? Let's make some calculations. Crafting a product with yellow difficulty would have 50% chance of getting a crafting point. That means I would need to double the amount of ingredients to get a point. But if I want to craft a product with green difficulty, I'd have only 25% chance of getting a crafting point. So I would need to quadruple the amount of ingredients for one crafting skill point!!

Taking all the resources in the account, it sounds even harder. To craft a single consumable, I would have to spend at least 50 different products, both common and rare. This is to compensate for the strong buffs you get and most importantly, to prevent them from being abused by players.

Visual aids
Sorry, but I couldn't manage to do this. I have already spent a lot of time and effort in formatting the idea.
There would be nothing special, just a new tab on the character information screen.

Abuse prevention
It's already quite difficult to reach level 625 in crafting, so I don't think there could be any significant exploits or loopholes.

Currently, when you get to the level 625 and beyond, things start get boring because there are no more recipes to learn and nothing else to do.
Specializations would definitely bring something new to the current crafting system, encouraging crafters to work harder and make more products. There would be more diversity and more possibilities for "branching out" your character. Crafting might become harder to master, but much more rewarding at the end.

However my idea might have some complications as well.
-would be difficult to implement with all the features I listed above.
-could be interfering with some sources of revenue for INNO due to some buffs being stronger than the UP and tombola buffs.
But I'm sure the advantages strongly outweigh the disadvantages and there would be nothing serious to concern about.

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I like it! Something to do as I haven't received a cp for 3 months, stuck at level 626.


either everything but the saddler is overpowered, or the saddler needs to meet the rest in strength, but I still say YES

Colonel Sanderss

Those effects are just approximations meant to represent the purpose of a product and are nowhere near balanced. Talking about saddler, I tried to make buffs that bear a slight resemblance to his profession buffs. Speed, waytime shortening, trading and work motivation increase.


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