Crafting Skill Points


What do I have to do to get crafting skill points when each craft says there is no chance of gaining a crafting skill point?


You can buy new recipes or you can find them on various jobs. However, there are achievements for mastering and adding onto the crafts that are not able to gain crafting points.


That explains it. Thanks yellowtoad24. I am not leveling up fast enough. I have bought recipes but I a not at a level to use them so just buying them is not the answer. I have made the ones I have so any times I no longer get the skill points.


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You'll never reach the point where you don't have a single recipe that still gives you crafting points. You must be missing at least one tier of recipes that are suitable for your level.
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Thanks futurama1001. Is there a list of somewhere? I copied the main crafting list.



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I have a few recipe,s...I,all put a couple in Naz...translated Nazereth

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