Crafting report (minor idea)

westman jr.

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Idea title: Change the crafting message when extraordinary success achieved
Details of idea: When you craft item, the message "Item crafted" appears. I suggest to change it to "Items crafted", when extraordinary success is achieved and optionaly change background of massage or font or textcolour to make it more noticeable.
Reasons for submitting: You need to craft three items for daily task. When you achieve extraordinary success, you craft two items, so you need to open crafting window, craft two items, close crafting window, check reports if you have achieved extraordinary success, if not, then you must open crafting window again and craft the third item, otherwise you would waste products for crafting the fourth item. If this idea was implemented, you would see if extraordinery success had been achieved. It would save time, especialy if you have a slow connection.
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Another yes for me. I am bored each time i craft 2 times to check for extraordinary success, so as to get 3 for daily bonds, and no need to craft more.