Resolved Crafting & Fort Fighting

Bad Billy Jack

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Crafting is a queued job, while Fort fighting is not. Correct?

Let's say we are at the fort & signed up. Normally duel protected.

Can we craft then w/o problems like being kicked outta duel protection?

What about if we are crafting when battle begins? What happens then?

Can we even close the in-battle screen & craft some more, then go back to the in-battle?

Basically, what will happen, cuz I am afraid to try it.


You don't need to be idle to be protected at a fort. You can't be dueled if you're walking somewhere if you're at a fort when signed up for a battle either.


I think you can craft in peace. And since any activity is canceled if you are signed up for the battle and at the fort, then your crafting scheduled unfinished job will be canceled once the battle starts.