Count to 50 before a 'Moderator' posts


The West Team
Community Manager
Not that I want to ruin anyone's fun, however... I just wanted to beg the mods to let this one go to 50 - so we are only burying 2/5 "Latest Posts", instead of 3/5, with the counting games.

Personally I think having 3 on the go, burying actual content is a bit excessive, and as far as I know there's no way to hide certain forums or even increase the number of "Latest Posts" to mitigate the spam, but if there is, please look into it @Syntex.
Otherwise, have fun y'all.
These games will no longer appear at latest posts on the main page.

Killer Bonnie

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2 what amazes me is someone actually thought this was covering up other new more important posts when really all someone has to do when they come into the forum is hit Whats New to see all the new posts. Now the regular forum is just shorter. and They aparently hated the counting games instead of finding this fun and interesting.