corruption: is world 1 affected?

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tom paris

i have always wondered if any one can be bought on this game.
like for example paying money into a town or giving premium, which then fuels bribery, organised duelling and all this comes to corruption.


Can it be easily done?:blink:
because there are enemies within world 1 and there will be the few who are being "persuaded" to give up information via bribes threats or other means, so it omes down to power as well, if you got someone to work for you who is high up in the ranks of a alliance theres some serious damage that can be caused simultaneously.

so now your wondering why post this? just think then as to how easy this is, the tactical advantage it would bring would be immense.

even so within the alliance rans there's bound to be the "unhappy few", these re exploitable people who im sure would be more than willing to send information via telegram.

organised duelling and threats towards smaller towns also may occur, as these are "little banks of money and a handful of fort fighters", so you would quickly gain allegiance. i have known this to happen.

then you have those who warn town inhabitants to not duel your town. you'll probably then receive a taste of what might happen if you angered them or provoked them.

just a small warning of what "could happen", im sure you'll express your opinion:)


Game Rules said:
§9) Account sales

It is forbidden for accounts or in-game activities to be involved in any financial transaction.

A player may not purchase, sell or offer a game account on Ebay or any other sales medium.
A player may not offer, request or extort nuggets in exchange for in-game activities.
If someone offers you premium or threatens you to give them premium in regards to any in game activities it is against the rules and you must report them immediately. You may only send other players nuggets as a gift. Players found offering or accepting such transactions will be banned. If you know of someone doing so please report them, do not discuss it here. As per forum rules the discussion of cheating, moderation and subsequent bans is forbidden.
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