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Coronado Montañas-Best town for new players


Coronado Montañas
We are one of the best places for a new player to get his feet on the ground and clean the dust off himself.
We run our town with what I like to call The Demfree System.
A System that allows the town leadership the ability to organize the town very precisely and allows the private citizen to express any concerns that he/she may have as well as educating them to every aspect of the game.
We have no requirements except that you follow a few simple guidelines set out by our alliance.
We have a very solid structure and we know were you fit in and we'll make you fit in where you're needed.
Be it Fort Fighting,dueling,questing or Trading.

So come one come all!

Additional Information
Town Status:Fully Constructed
Alliance:Coronado Family
Town Age:1 1/2 weeks.
Members:12 and growing fast

Alliance Status:
2nd Largest Alliance ON Briscoe!