I would like to open this up to the world!!
consumerism is a word we all use but do we really know what it means?
ie: the impact it has on our daily lives..
example i am from the uk 90% fat free! they coin that phrase all the time
what does that really mean? we are buying/having something healthy? really!!
they would like you to think it lol
here's the question the masses would not ask
mainly because the masses take it how it sounds... %fat free
how much fat was in it to start with? 90% of what? 200 grams or 10 grams of fat to start?
big difference ;)
Another i see just recent: 20% bigger bag of crisps (chips) in the pub (bar)
ok they where 50 gram bags now they are 60 grams... make sence
thing that gets me is on the packet is the cal's, fat, salt and other info of content and so on... but we is talking a 60 gram bag crisps (chips) but they are giving the info about what they call a 'Serving' of 30 grams.. half a bag! who is gonna eat half a bag lol

i could go on and prob' will but i would lik,e to here others findings or take on it :hmf:


90% fat free, in the states, means that 10% of it is pure fat.

Don't let the "low fat" fool you. Cigarettes are low fat.


Mindless consumerism is the core problem... Most people buy stuff without a thought beyond price point and producers like them that way. Brainwashed and Branded by advertising.

Big John1970

What gets me is when yogurts say, 'Fat Free' and then have a reading which gives you an actual figure for....fat! If it has fat then - by definition - it's not fat-free! :razz: :D