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I am not active much in the game or I would have create some shake up in W3. If you are active you can manage BITW with other and break or make alliance go for it. When I founded BITW I was not interested in several towns, just one town with 50 duelers. It was just a dueling town who was able to stand up against both US alliance and UTW. When US alliance was destroyed more because MadAlice was banned from the-west (I think that was the start of world 3 end). When you and other members were inactive from UTW there was no leadership in UTW and the fall begin for UTW. I will hate to see you leaving world 3 as you are few good players left in W3 (old players who know the history of W3). Please let me know what I can do personally to change your mind. You can take control of BITW and create any sort of alliance you prefer.

excuse me ?? what do u mean by there was no ''leadership'' in UTW when mekolp and other players were inactive ?? i believe i was doing my best and it was going okay provided i was fighting all these town allied together against with little help from ''our allies'' and most important our own UTW membeers wrent turning up as well i spent days and days organizing battles sending mails and talking to people personally to make sure thy go to the battle and now u com and say there was no leadership ?? sigh!!!:eek:hmy:


I was trying to do most of the things that were said in this thread or wished for them to happen atleast and most of em were:

to break all alliances and each alliance would fight on its on because otherwise the alliance with the most allies would outnumber the other side and some of the other side would leave the game and lose interest which is exactly what happened now.

all towns which has 2 or 3 members should be abandoned and the members would be transferred to a bigger town to communicate more effectively but people just stayed in their towns as if im trying to make them leave their real life house lol.

i was communicating with every single member in my alliance or our allies and my 6000+ mails in my mailbox would say it all. i even started sending videos of diff strategies and pictures and everything i could possibly do But people just didnt turn up for a whole variety of reasons lol and i was doing all that by myself three was no council no one stepped up and said i'll help u lead the alliance while our enemies had countless leaders vertim a leader was inactive there was 5 others to replace him actively.yea all odds were against us.

i kept finding some players in my mailing list who has switched to our enemies (traitors) becasue simply they wanted to be in the winning side and that meant all mt attacks and plans were reported to our enemy's leaders.

there was always people who didnt read my mails, deleted , banned , inactive or blocked me which had mad it eveen harder for me to communicate and make people turn up to battles.

i just wanna thank all the people who kept turning up to each and very battle although they knew we were gonna get outnumbered and i dont know how to thank these people, they know who they are.

i believe i did everything i could and there wasn't anything else to do and if i failed it not because i didnt do my best its just.i should've dlted my account ages ago but i just wanan hang on and see whats gonna happen to this world.and yea to all our enemies its been pleasure fighting against you.

i dont think there is place for me in this world as a leader because if you think i failed its not because i didnt put in 100% its just because all odds were against me. and if u disagree with me pleas say so.


hey guys sorry about my inactivity but i have been studying and working 7 days a week since last year so yea sorry about leaving but I tried my best to revive UTW i have spent 16 hours a day on it for a solid year or so but i just realized it was a waste of my time.

btw is my account deleted from w3 yet ??