Complete List of Quest Product Requirements


Note: If you need to know where to find any of these things, see Products on West Stats.

Complete Product and Item Quest Requirement List
Class quests are listed separately. On no quest do I include products that are received as a "reward" on another quest in the group, e.g. the parcel in the first adventurer quest or Kate's wedding band, besides a few of the adventurer quests where the product can be gotten elsewhere if necessary. "NC" indicates the required item isn't consumed by completing the quest. Superscript notes are explained below the list. Most of them are for products that are only required on one branch of a decision quest, but not always. I included the Thanksgiving quests, but see the note below. The Christmas quests are listed separately at the end because I strongly doubt we'll have the same ones next year. I also didn't include any requirements for secret quests for which spoilers are not allowed, so The ring is included, but nothing involving a certain pointy thing.

Please tell me if you find any errors.

Non-Class-Specific Quests
Barbed wire (2)
Beans (6)
Beaver skin (5¹)
Beaver trap (2 + 5¹)
Berries (26 + 3⁷ + 3¹⁰)
Buffalo skin (1)
Canvas (1⁸)
Cigars (1)
Coal (6)
Cooking pot (1⁷)
Corn (9 + 4¹⁰)
Cotton (2)
Coyote tooth (1 + 1⁷)
Dynamite (2 + 5⁶)
Elixir (3⁷)
Flag (5³)
Fool's gold (16)
Gemstones (3)
Glass of water (19)
Grain (5)
Granite blocks (9)
Ham (2)
Hammer (2²)
Handcuffs (1⁴ + 3⁷)
Horn of a cow (2)
Lasso (5)
Leather (5)
Map (2)
Newspaper (12)
Oranges (3⁷ + 6¹⁰)
Planer (1)
Pocket watch (4⁶)
Poster (5)
Post horn (1⁷)
Raven feather (1)
Ring (1)
Roll of cloth (1 + 4³)
Roll with wire (8 + 5⁵ + 1⁶)
Rounds (10⁶)
Saddle (3)
Salmon (10)
Saw (1)
Shackle (1 + 3⁷)
Silver (3 + 5NC)
Sledge hammer (1)
Smuggle goods (1⁸)
Spade (3)
Sugar (11)
T-Bone Steak (9)
Tequila (3⁷)
Tobacco (5)
Tomato (3⁷)
Tool box (3 + 1NC)
Tooth bracelet (1NC)
Train ticket (2)
Trophy (1)
Trout (7)
Turkey (6 + 10¹⁰)
Union flag (1)
Warm meal (7)
Water jug (6)
Wood (53 + 4⁹)
Wool (3)

Black headband (NC)
Blue bandana
Blue Indian necklace
Brown cotton shoes (NC)
Donkey (NC)
Green Indian necklace
Green shawl (NC)
Schofield ⁶

¹ Decision: 5 beaver skins (Sheriff's way) or 5 beaver traps (Waupee's way)
² Assuming "April" is still in game in April 2010
³ Three Rivers: 3 rolls of cloth (Waupee) or 5 flags (Maya)
⁴ Keep the handcuffs from "Manhunt"
⁵ Transporting prisoners/Maya. Don't need for Sheriff's way.
⁶ The raid, first path (Outlaws)
⁷ The raid, second path (Sheriff)
⁸ The art thief: you'll probably get these doing the jobs for the same quest
⁹ Assuming "Fire wood" is still in game in December 2010
¹⁰ Assuming Thanksgiving is still in game in November 2010, but I have a feeling it'll be a different quest next year with a new piece of the "holiday set"

NC = Not Consumed

Adventurer quests
Beans (7)
Corn (5)
Dynamite (1¹)
Grain (3)
Ham (3)
Pickaxe (1¹)
Saddle (1)
Salmon (3²)
Spade (1¹)
Tobacco (9)
Turkey (3)
Whiskey (1¹)

¹ These are rewards for sub-quests, but they can also be gotten by doing the correct jobs, if that's easier for you with your build. This probably only applies to the spade.
² The three salmon in the sub-quest are not consumed.

Dueler quests
Cigars (1)
Dynamite (5¹)
Quarter (4)
Roll of cloth (3)

¹ The 5 dynamite are not consumed in the dueler's quest "An explosive idea", so the same 5 can be used in the second quest. Thanks to Cowdy for confirming this.

Soldier quests
Beans (2)
Berries (2)
Corn (4)
Dynamite (7)
Flour (4)
Hammer (3)
Roll of cloth (3)
Sledge hammer (1)
Sugar (5)
Tool box (2)
Turkey (2)
Wood (30)

Club (5)
Precise slingshot
shot gun [dueling weapon] (2)

Worker quests
Beans (4)
Coal (8)
Corn (6)
Granite blocks (5 + 10¹)
Iron rod (8 + 8¹)
Tequila (3)
Tomato (5)
Wood (10 + 16¹)

¹ Final quest, decision 3.

Cigar (1)
Coal (2)
Flour (3)
Fool's gold (2)
Gemstones (1)
Oranges (3)
Quarter (1)
Sugar (1)
Tobacco (5)
Wood (1)
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Can one get the handcuffs back if they got rid of them foolishly?

emperor wes

Can one get the handcuffs back if they got rid of them foolishly?
MY experience with luck in this game, it all depends on if you really need them or not... I did not need handcuffs any more, but the first time I did the Prison Guard job on W2 for the lvl 67 quest, I got the handcuffs. My guess would therefore be that if you really need them, you are going to spend many hours doing it... (for all the humorless techno freaks out there: yes, I know that it is not really the case, it only feels like it, etc...)


Hey, hotels cost money, at least until you get to Level 10 (I love Adventurer class)...


Are both of the Indian necklaces really consumed for the Gemstones Quest for that pitiful reward? Or do you need just one or the other?


Do you need both Indian Necklaces to start the L20 Gemstones quest, or just one or the other? On Elmyr's list, it shows they are both consumed at the start of the quest. Is this correct?


lol, I sold mine the first few worlds, so I cant say I faired much better :(