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The West Team
"The West" Thanksgiving Themed Banner

Howdy Folks!
Yep it's that time of year again. Time to thank god for all the blessings he has given you throughout the year whilst feasting over a roasted turkey and pumpkin pie.
There's just one problem. The banner in for the forum doesn't really capture the essence of thanksgiving. That's why I'm giving you the opportunity to change it for me.

The Prize

1st - Banner shown on forum + 200 nuggets + 400 Bonds
2nd - 200 Bonds
3rd - 100 Bonds

The Rules

Your banner must be 682 pixels wide by 91 pixels high. All banners will be checked! This is the size of the current banner so it must be the same! (The banner at the bottom of this post is the correct size). You may take the image for editing if you wish.
Your banner must be your own work (It may have stock images/renders, but not already edited images).
The Text "The West" must be present! However you can move it and decorate if you please.
It must be water marked (username written in small letters in a corner.) Although make sure it’s big enough to read.
If you have a plain white background please make it transparent. Patterns, colours and objects in the background are ok.
Your banner must be of high quality, for example it must not be an image with added text.
We will be analysing each banner to decide whether it can go into the vote.
We reserve the right to request .PSD (or other layered formats from GIMP or Paint Shop Pro etc.) files and/or source pictures if we believe your entry was not your own work.
It must have a strong connection to the theme.
Your artwork may be disqualified and excluded from the poll at the discretion of a Community Manager and reasoning not listed here.

The Conditions of Entry

You are allowed to enter two banners.
You may not edit or change your banners; you have plenty of time to create your banner so there is no need to rush posting your entry. However late entrants will not be considered.
Post your banners in this thread. Don't PM them to me.

The Theme

The theme is... ”The West” Thanksgiving forum banner

Time Limit

Entry closes on the 23/11/2014 23:59PM(Server time).


Any comments or questions about the rules? Please PM me or alternatively contact Da Twista! Do not post them here!

The Banner



The West Team
Congratulations Jarograv! You have won the forum banner competition :)
Please pm me to tell me which world you want your bonds on and we can get the prizes to you as soon as we can.
Your banner will be up for a period of time around thanksgiving.