Comic Strip Competition Voting

Which Comic do you like the best?

  • 1

    Votes: 9 33.3%
  • 2

    Votes: 6 22.2%
  • 3

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • 4

    Votes: 3 11.1%
  • 5

    Votes: 7 25.9%

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Chloe O Gurl

Thanks to the entrants in our Comic Strip Competition. They look great!
It is now time to vote for your favorite.
To vote, choose the number which corresponds with the artwork next to it. It is a single vote so you can vote the one you like the best.
Remember you can tell your friends to come and look and vote but please avoid getting them to vote for your art as that can ruin the spirit of the competition.
Good luck everyone and happy voting! :)






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Oh wow, I made the poll, well half of me anyway :D If I win, which would be quite laughable, split the 200 nuggets between #2 and #3 please!

Edit: Btw, voted #2, not fair those were still on zero.
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Chloe O Gurl

[FONT=&quot]Well, my first competition has come to a close. Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who voted. You guys made this competition possible. All the comics looked great and if it was possible I'd have said each was the winner.

1st Place: jarograv (400 Bonds & 200 Nuggets)

2nd Place: RickTractorBolturd (200 Bonds)

3rd Place: Felinea (100 Bonds)

I will contact the winners shortly to organize prizes.

Thanks again everyone for making my first competition fun….and I hope to see you at the next one![/FONT]


Thank you very much for your votes and really happy to have been able to achieve this comic in English and participate in this forum,