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I was thinking about a rhetorical thread sort of like the 4 word game in Off-Topic-Games, but with a Role-Playing touch, since we're all so talented :p.

Comedy is good, but the type of comedy is the problem, we can't go like the Simpsons and offend everybody, 'cause we'll all be banned, but the Simpsons nearly got banned by Fox anyway.

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aye, rules MUST be followed, just like anything else. The 4 word thread in games is pushing the envelope a little with some of the details in it...I don't want to have the same thing happen if we do that kind of thing here.


Yeah, I understand that, but do you remember the Fight thread we had a long time ago.I forget who made it.Was it Jordan?Where you could enter and then kill the other person, it was great fun, but that was before the almighty Regal swooped in and gave us posts which count :D


So first of all we need an established plot, then we have to be funny AND stay with the idea. Now that sounds complex.
Being funny should not require you to think for a long period of time. If being funny requires you to do that, well, then just drop trying to be funny all together.. please.

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I agree with LNL. Jokes are something that should be thought up in the spur of the moment. However, we're not talking about how to be funny, we're discussing what the backdrop to the comedy RP is going to be.


Lol depends on what the author wants :p

but maybe.... (I know there all bad and some are terrible but....)

A group of guys in new york down on their luck meet up and start a business/band/whatever ...
People who get lost in the woods or something... nah thats not great...
People who get abandoned on an island somehow...

Stop saying im terrible at ideas and go make one yourself... its not as easy as it looks you know!

hmm.... thats all I got... I might edit this "list" in a couple of minutes ;)
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Now there was one hilarious Rp call "The Office" Which I loved, and would love to bring back


I just had a look at The Office, and it looks pretty awesome, aside from all the one-liners. I think a satirical business setting could work.