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Discussion in 'Arizona Town Recruitment' started by PerArdua, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. PerArdua

    PerArdua Guest

    Hello all!

    Panem is a young town in Arizona, currently building itself up. We're currently ranked 1134, but we're constantly on the rise. At the moment, we have 13335 town points, but our builders are working hard!

    Any class is welcome, and we have plenty of space for new members. If you'd like to join, either comment here or send me (PerArdua) a message and I'll send you an invitation!
  2. PerArdua

    PerArdua Guest

    CALLING ALL WORKERS!!! (Everyone else, too, of course!)

    Panem is looking to grow significantly in the next few weeks, and we would really appreciate any time workers would be able to put in. There are chances to be appointed town councilor and founder, depending on amounts of time and/or money given to the town.

    In the short amount of time since I first posted here, we have risen in the ranks to number 803, up from 824 just yesterday. We have 30627, and are well on our way to 49800!!
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