Colorado Not Available...


Colorado - not available

same here - and we should have our fortfight at 6.55pm - no time for ranking and handing out buffs now!! :(


same here - and we should have our fortfight at 6.55pm - no time for ranking and handing out buffs now!! :(
No time to even get there the two minutes it would have taken from the saloon i was drinking in :p.


lol Banek.
always drinking in Dos Lagos finest Saloon ;-)
is there a chance that we get the $ from our dig back? seems like battle wont happen...


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Game just returned for me but with the coolest error message I've ever seen... 'A black hole has absorbed the server response.' :blink:


Came back up just as round 1 started!!!!
Glad I didn't have time to get there and am sleeping at the hotel.

Suzy Q

I get a roll back error when I try to pick money up from the marked and I'm not in town, even I'm showing in town. I can't bank, sleep or move.


colorado down :(

i think that players should be rewarded with free bonds for unannounced interruption in game access.

General John

Something should be done about it... you are definitely right Cowboy. This is twice in one day. I can see if you are a player that doesnt spend money for gold but I do and this takes up time where I can be using that


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It was up and running for a while... I had a nice chat with a few peeps... then was kicked out again (Fatal Error). We're all back to the logon screen roundabout.... I hope they get this (permanently) fixed soon.

I wasn't affected by the fort battle issue where no one was able to rank or move to the fort... I hope that those who were affected will be compensated. Not sure how. Maybe reimburse the town treasury for the town that called the battle.. and if the fort was lost, to return it to the town that had owned it. ALL players were affected by the time-out. Some may have been working on their Daily Bond Tasks and lost the time to do those.

And of course there are lots of peeps probably standing around doing nothing with money jingling in their pockets.......... LEMME IN!!!!!!