Colorado it's down??

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geeeeesh...vita was in front of me...guess i am dead as well, still can not log in.


this is bull crap how they going to shut down server for us during a Fort battle!!!!!!!!!


What i want to know will they give us bonds for trying to get back in:) i mean come on! cant get why USA is down and not everywhere else! i cazn only say one thing...... damn germans! :)


Well kevo...the plan was to close down worlds to have more server space to eliminate this kinda stuff...Wonder how that worked out?

DeletedUser33353 too mate, and thanx to Android for coming to battle.


Login don't work

but....... attackers win :D


The world is not available at the moment!


ok i am in now ! all attacker killed :D
maybe they update v2 with no news ? :D


still nothing here either don't even know how long i will continue to try


When this cervesa is finished...I may have to call it a day.
W15 is not available?