Colorado Fort Fighting


What's your opinion about the over all condition of the fort fightings in the World Colorado?


theres 1 strong side and 1 side where people actually care for the person lined up next to them

holes+co got 3 times more 10k+ tanks 6-7k class tanks then TCB+friends, however the reason holes still loses a lot is that somehow 90% think hiding at the back with 10k hp is a brilliant idea and send someone with 2k to point an even better idea.

If they stop doing that and actually normally lead a battle they can win every battle blindly, since i seen to many battles lately holes couldn't lose with the hp they had but somehow managed to lose it by doing basically everything wrong that you really thought that someone who maybe plays for 1 week had led those battles


Thanks Zeta for your opinion. What you've said is fully correct that players hide a lot. But hey, tell us something about Bananas. :p What are their roles / objective? :p


But hey, tell us something about Bananas. :p What are their roles / objective? :p

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