Colorado down


I got kicked out from Colorado and now unable to log in (it just returns me to login screen).
Briscoe works fine.

EDIT: It works again, after 10-15 min.
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The Worlds were momentarily not accessible while the Xmas tombola was being implemented.


Unable to login to Colorado using firefox with scripts switched on. After switching them all off, same problem persists. I can log in without any problems using chrome on which i have no scripts installed.

Stuck on the loading screen as shown :
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The West Team
Could you try clearing your cache using shift+ctrl+delete and disabling any userscripts/add-ons you might have enabled?



i did try clearing the cache and disabling all add- ons as per your suggestion (shift+ctrl+delete) and everything is back working like the way it should.

What was strange was while i could not use firefox with or without addons to log in to Colorado, everything was working fine to log in to beta server.

Anyhow, thx a lot for your help.