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Tucker Blue

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Put a chest in the SHOP that guarantees a final non set item such as Thomas Bogg's Cowboy Hat or Wyatt Earp's Colt Buntline. If i dropped 500 bonds on a chest and got something useless like Blue Cowboy Boots or something like that i would be seriously choked.

Make the chests worth the price. You've jacked up the stats on event sets so much that all those normal clothing items are completely useless and would be a waste of bonds. Nobody in their right mind would spend nuggets on something as random as those SHOP chests. Nobody.

As a business trying to profit having those chests sit there is a waste of a possible source of income. Makes no sense, it's like having a display case full of crap nobody ever buys that you still spend money on to light up and keep clean. i'm starting to think i should apply for an Inno job in your marketing department. Whoever you have now isn't thinking "Make Inno more money". What are you paying them for? Do they even play the game or are they completely disconnected from what it needs?
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Pankreas PorFavor

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do you ever read stuff that's posted on this forum? no, Innogames doesn't invest in this game; no, they don't play this game and they don't listen to those who do. there's no marketing for The West, have you seen an advertisement for it lately? or ever?

btw. a chest like what you describe exists (glossy premium chest) but it is quite expensive =