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Proposal: Seller can collect the minimum bid posted before sale ends.

Current workaround: None. Seller has to wait till the sale ends to collect the money.

Details: Say a player has put up an item for sale with a 'minimum bid' option (regardless of whether there is an 'immediate buy' option). Once a buyer has put a bid on the item, the seller will get that money no matter at the end who buys it and at what price.

What I propose is, if there is a minimum bid posted on an item, the seller should be able to collect that money even before the sale has ended, since the seller will get that money anyway only later. Once the sale ends, the seller can collect the remaining amount if there were any higher bids of if someone bought it for 'immediate buy' price.

For example, I put up and item for sale with $1000 as 'immediate buy' price and $500 as 'minimum bid' price. Someone bids $500 on it. When I'm in town, I can collect that $500 or whatever the current minimum bid on my item is, for now let's assume it was $500. At the end of the sale, the highest bid was $504. Since I already collected $500, I can collect $4 now. If the sale ended with immediate buy of $1000, I can collect the remaining $500.

Abuse Prevention: Cannot be abused. Sellers get what they would anyway, only earlier. Sales cannot be cancelled if it has been bid upon so sellers cannot collect money and cancel sale.

Future/Extra Changes: The sellers can be allowed to do this only once, or they can collect the money as many times as new bids have been put and there's more money to collect.

Visual Aids: The only visual change needed to be done is put that '$' sign which appears after sale next to the item if a minimum bid has been put.

Summary: Allow sellers to collect minimum bid money before sale ends, which they would get later anyway.