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I noticed that there are items you are not allowed to sell in the market that would be desirable for people who need certain things.

I think we should be able to put up items that are used in building forts.


You can only sell items that are part of a set!
For example, tequila and elixir


Problem is they are in some quests as well but i think its important that the sale of fort items is implemented

Dirty rotten Billy

As it stands terrible idea, though if the fort had it's own market where players went to the fort and could list there products at the fort so that a founder could spend it's fort treasury to buy this products. Which when brought go straight into the resouces stock of the fort then ok, I would be down with that.
Though your idea means players could buy products and use them instead for fort building to complete quests. Which is a NO,NO !

Good Feather

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shuffler, this is only an informative notice. Please read the sticky threads before posting here. Ideas should use the idea form, be well thought out and balanced as well as contributing substantially to the game in comparison the coding effort required. Your idea fails to meet these standards, so please be sure to read the sticky threads and adjust your idea accordingly.

As for this idea of fort supplies or products. That feature is already offered on newer premium worlds. Classic premium worlds 1-10 do not allow buying of products at this time.

So if you want this feature you should consider joining w11-14


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