CLOSED: GUN/KNIFE New Melee/Ranged Weapon

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i would like to suggest a new weapon be introduced into the game to put to bed the disputes about melee/ranged weapons as part of sets

let me introduce you to the knife gun....

Damage capability....80-95

Level of use....45

Found on luck jobs/quests...TBA by Devs


+10 Vigor
+10 Shooting
+5 Health

or heres another of the Wyatt Earps folding Knife Gun

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What skills will be used for it? Shooting, vigor, aim? It's basically a ranged weapon, no melee element to it. Also, I highly doubt that this will make it into the game; it's not "classic western" enough, unless you count the Wild Wild West- style western. A better idea for a dual ranged melee/ranged weapon would be a rifle of musket with a bayonet, although that would probably become a fort weapon.


New +HP weapon? NO!
I'll never vote yes on a new weapon that gives +HP or +tactics.
Please stop overpovering already overpowered class.
1 star = terrible.


thats just your opinion.....but it would solve the issue of melee/ranged sets whereby it could be used for either without arguements about set favouritism....perhaps the skills are a bit high but they can be set by the Devs anyway...

why not have a new weapon....also it could be used in forts with the health factor....


Well nice thingy you got there,but I'm not sure that that kind of technology existed in the Old West..

Ice Hawk

+5 health isn't overpowered. I would say yes cause its kind of cool and a mix between ranged and melee.


Gun-knife's are awesome, I approve, I don't care about balancing issues or actual use.


You mean another nice quest with a NPC to duel and keep myself KOed 24/7? Aahh, thank you, thank you and thank you. And yes, yes and yes!


rethink the skill points no weapon gives HP and the other skill are +10 to high make it low.

as of the new weapon i don;t think it should be added.


You mean another nice quest with a NPC to duel and keep myself KOed 24/7? Aahh, thank you, thank you and thank you. And yes, yes and yes!

Will keep in mind for my next suggestion >.>

and...HP+TACTICS...sorry can't say anything. *gets a sheep: Baaaad*

If a soldier would use that it would be overkill>.>

Good Feather

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Your idea does not state how the game would determine to use your vigor or if it should use your shooting skills as the primary attack function.

you could say highest of vigor or shooting, averaged range of the two vigor/shooting, every other round switches, or even player chooses which mode the weapon will be in.

Then you would also have to determine how the opponents defense would be taken into account... should a person use Reflex, or Toughness to defend against this weapon.

I usually like the concept of new weapon to the game... but determining the attributes of if its a vigor/melee weapon will challenge my vote.


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This is one of the strangest ideas which i've ever heard of in ages - you do have a good point there, there are several disputes regarding set weapons - whether they should be vigor or melee - and, yes, the best solution would be to make such a weapon - a melee/ranged one

but, yes - as the others say, hat one does not look like anything ever seen in the old west and it would look a bit out of place i the game, so i suggest that you re-desgi it, make it look much more western themed, maybe try to think up some other one, which would look quite good

I agree with Good feather - that'll be quite an issue, the devs will find it tough to build it into the game - a capabilty with enables you to change the mode of the weapon, and yes, the damage is indeed high, but it'll be ok if the lvl requirement is increased and the requirements for getting it are made difficult, like the on-going race for the lump of dirt

and, i don't agree with Joxer - it's not like that, a bonus of 5 healt points is not much, it merely means an increase of 50 HP in normal guys, 75 and 100 HP respectively for non-PA and PA soldiers.

As i stated before, if it's made difficult to obtain this weapon, then it wont be an issue and create balancing issues in the game


Lol if anybody is taking this idea seriously, just replace the gun knife with a rifle+bayonet. They have a muzzle-loader under fort weapons, so I see no problems with a rifle under duel weapons, there is already a shortened shot gun.


Shortened shot gun can be used only by duelers.

I haven't posted this above, but I actually wanted to say that I'll never bless a weapon that adds to any character bonus. That means, forget I'll ever say "yes" to a weapon that gives bonus to:
- tactics
- HP
- movement speed
- experience gained on jobs
- building the town/fort
- luck on item finding
- amount of stolen cash in a duel
- dropping the level requirement so you can use level 73 fort weapon when you're level 20
- lowering the danger percent on jobs
- sleeping in hotels for free
- raising motivation on duels and construction
- paying less fees in the bank
- boosting criticals, invisibility or sector bouns in fort fights
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Well nice thingy you got there,but I'm not sure that that kind of technology existed in the Old West..
Arquebuses and crossbows weren't "Old West" either, unless you include 16th century Spanish territory.
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