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The use of cannons at fort battles

Please review other discussions of fort battle cannon ideas located here:

Cannons for Fort Battles.
Cannons could be used at battles as a way of damaging walls and KOing more ppl faster
These expensive devises of destruction would cost a hefty sum, somewheres around 50-100k
All expenses would be payed for by the alliance or town treasury.
(depending on if alliance treasury makes it to the game.)

Once the cannon is bought it needs to be transported to the fort via the oxcart.(see below)

Current Workaround

Cannons can be bought at a fort shop found at forts.Items in these shops would be available to all instead of only alliance members.Cannon Balls can also be bought for $50 each.
A gunner would sit on the weapon and aim much the same way you move in a battle.
Max attacking cannons = 2
Max defending cannons = 3

Maneuvers would not cost any thing for cannons.

Why would Inno insert this?
Encourages higher income premium. and

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Yes/No
Is this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? Yes/No

Help with pics is appreciated.

I found a pic which is quite interesting. pic #1 is from the dev blog back before the release of 1.20 and suggests cannons!


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by positions i mean spots on the map you cant go to usless it was grass berfore and if the whole outside is rubble the fort is lost by the defenders


But this is way better.
Much more detailed and so on
Different idea.

Good Feather

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Couple of problems:
So attackers need to buy a cannon at a fort shop and bring it to the fort on an ox cart? weird. well that means they cant do that until lv50 for the oxcart mission? really limits this... and who brings it? The person attacking the fort?

So lets say w15 comes along and is premium.. someone then decides to lv up to lv50 very fast.. and then goes attacking every fort because they have the ALL MIGHTY POWERFUL oxcart to get a cannon before any other fort town owners do.. and now they own every fort.

So how do attackers get the cannon if no fort builds a fort shop? and I guess this fort shop would have to be open to everyone to shop at... so if I build it then they will attack me with it.

Why would Inno insert this?
Encourages higher income premium. and

I don't see how this benefits Inno since your idea doesn't appear to incorporate any premium.

As Ive said before on other cannon topics is anyone who is operating these cannons they incur the same effects as the flag zone. They are a known fixed position in the fort and will be shot at.

Cannons should fire at each other first.. when only 1 is left standing then it shoots at your multiple troops deployments. You need to consider how much damage a canyon could take.

These cannon balls at $50 each... who brings these to the battle? each person wanting to fire the cannon? and if they run out/forget to bring them.. then the cannons are useless?

Other attempts at this idea that you might want to consider:

And I agree with TJ this has been talked about until my eyes were close to bleeding from reading it. And you need to do better searches before you just throw an idea out and assume it is just the bomb diggity.


So use some other sort of transportation.
Reason it supports higher income is the cannons cost tons!;)
Cannon ball would also be transported with the same mechanism.



The premium I believe he is talking about is the increase 50% income and chance to find products. It isn't the greatest link, but it is a potential.

Um, yeah, the idea has many flaws, personally I don't like the fort shop. I think you could level up the gunsmith to incorporate this option, say, add 5 levels to the gunsmith, and have a basic, a medium (extra levels 1 and 3 respectively) and a high-powered (extra gunsmith level 5) cannon option. Cannonballs could be purchased at the extra levels 2 and 4, say with different effects? I'm going to summarize this at the end of my post but I want to get everything on the table... I get the whole cannonball thing, and bringing them to a fort battle, but they should just be a standard item that you can store in your inventory. To move a cannon, well many cannons were attached to wheels, so maybe just saying only the top two horses can be used to transport cannons?

Okay, finally...


-add an extra 5 levels to the gunsmith (levels 16-20)
-make cannons available to the gunsmith
-make three types of cannons, one low-level, one medium, and one high-level cannon
-make cannonballs available at the gunsmith
-make 2 types of cannonballs
-level 1 (available at Gunsmith Lv. 17, increased damage to 1 space on the fort map (does serious damage to one player)
-level 2 (available at Gunsmith Lv. 19, increased damage to 1 space on the fort map, also including splash damage to all adjacent squares (much like the effect setup for the soldier's leadership bonus)
-These are up for some serious discussion as they need it, even I know this is a rough setup

-Make a Town Resource Stockpile to hold items for fort battles, namely cannons and cannonballs. This could be administered by the town founders as to who may use a cannon (selective permissions, see Alliance Ranking thread, similar concept)

-allow only a certain number of cannons used by each side depending on the size of the fort being attacked
-Small Fort: 3 defending, 2 attacking
-Medium Fort: 4 defending, 3 attacking
-Large Fort: 5 defending, 4 attacking

-who gets to use a cannon:
-first to register for fort battle with ownership of cannon may decide if they want to be an artillery soldier or not. If they select yes, then there is one less cannon spot remaining, if they select no, well then there's still the same number of spots.

-cannon transport:
-only players who have purchased a certain riding animal (potential for a new shop item, but I'll write that in later), or a pre-existing quarter horse, may transport a cannon to a fort battle.

Okay, that's all I can think of. I'm sorry that it isn't much more refined but I have to leave for a university class soon, so I'll deal with everything I can this evening. In the meantime, everyone, please post summarized suggestions so that we can discuss options. I have only placed these as a [VERY] rough draft. I WANT suggestions and help as I believe that this idea has serious merit to it.


1. Overly complicated. You buy a cannon, and what, you can no longer move, EVER, unless you have a cart equipped? If you only need the cart equipped when the cannon is equipped it's a meaningless limitation because you don't need to travel if you're sitting at a fort waiting for a battle to start.

2. Defenders don't NEED an extra advantage. The manpower advantage in a small or medium fort is +19% for the attacker. You want to give the defender a +50% cannon advantage?

If #2 won't have much of an effect then cannons are underpowered. If it has a huge effect they're overpowered.

TJ Tuttle

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Adding Cannons is overly complicated, could only be introduced through an extremely artificial system to still keep fort fighting some what balanced, and is not needed.


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listen.. why not keep it AS AN UNBUYABLE ITEM!!.. I mean it can be found by somebody my Guarding the fort.. or serving in the army?!?!!?

And once the guy gets it.. he can Keep it at the RESOURCE STOCK IN THE FORT!... he could buy SPECIAL KINDS OF CANONS BALLS AT THE FORT SHOP THEN!...


This could get some ITEMS FOR THE FORT SHOP!


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Well we could even store it at the town... but it would take MORE time to transport it than the Resource stock


But this is way better.
Much more detailed and so on
Different idea.
I never saw the other cannon idea. But, if this is true that idea most have been really bad and with almost no detail at all.

This idea provides almost no explanation as to why it would add anything at all. I'm not trying to be mean here, but have you ever taken part in a fort battle?
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