Class Quests 2.0


You've done your generic class quests for a decade, now get ready for Play-Style specific quests.

There are many different play-styles in the game, and I think we've missed an opportunity to make good questlines using the player's own preferred activities.
I'm imagining a series of questlines that unlock only once a player has achieved a certain difficult, possibly hidden, target, for example;

Dueller questline, unlocks after 1000 duel wins and 250 KO's
Tank quest, unlocks after 2000 hits taken and 10,000 dodges in fort battle
Damager quest, unlocks after 1,000,000 damage dealt in fort battles
Adventurer Quest, unlocks after 1000 games of Adventures
Builder quest, unlocks after 1,000,000 construction points
Farmer quest, unlocks after 1,000,000 products
Quester Quest, unlocks after 1000 quests completed
Crafter quest, unlocks after 500 diversity

The Questlines themselves should have related challenges and the story of the quests could involve the history of the play-style in the game where applicable, in the end reward the player with new Avatar Parts specific to their playstyle, a title specific to the playstyle and possibly a set specific to the playstyle.
Something special would be in order for a player who completes all play-style specific challenges I would say too.
Why not make some meaningful questlines for a change?
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crafter quest are already there , even if you will say but not in particular for >500 crafting skill and you are right!
I would like to add that maybe we can put in some new recepies or item set,
maybe some perpetual bonus on fort fight or some added classes bonus ...
soo you can costumize it a bit... a costumizable classes ability sheet...dreams...