Civil War - Feedbacks


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Can someone teach me German then? I'd like to enjoy this game again and tombola simulator with broken battles just doesn't do it for me.
All i know is Rammstein lyrics and "Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei"
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Great to see the battles are back, with the promise of more. This will bring much needed activity to all worlds :)

Some small feedback for future FFs

1. If such a battle is dug, could it be announced using a pop-up on login? - this is a more efficient way to let everyone know about them rather than in-game telegrams and chat messages.

2. Can future FFs be dug in more early hours as well? - around 7-9 ST or even earlier. Due to the recent forward advance in server time, many people might not be able to be online as they take place in a very late hour. Also, having such FFs in different server times would bring in more people who aren't normally online for FFs.


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Last time it was dug 2 days ahead too, so there was enuf time to learn about it & there weren't any confusion/other battles dug before (or after)
That being said, it was overfilled on some servers and some ppl were left out :-(

Btw on some servers the Battle starts at the same minute :roll:
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