Micky Davies

Wonder if they will show fast and furious 7 in the cinema would join a town n watch lol :p

Da Twista

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I have some feedback for you guys.

Since the service provider was not able to provide better quality and more quantity of videos we have decided we will no longer be using them.
For the time being the feature will be disabled but soon to return with videos from either another provider or videos created by InnoGames themselves.

We will keep you posted as soon as more information becomes available.

Big John1970

I would welcome videos created by Innogames. As it was, I kept getting the same videos over and over again.


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Ask Xsteff or whatever he calls himself for some advanced plugins ;)
My cinema plugin are not really... uhm... safe for work. Well, unless DT doesn't have a problem with me releasing an userscript that replaces the cinema with an another service that allows you to watch "naughty" movies :D, but ty for advertising my stuff, njub.
Is this Cinema thing, according to location ?

Cause I don't have anything playing at my cinema, just that ad blocker screen and below it, if you don't have ad blocker and it is still not working means nothing is playing.

Is this gonna be fixed, cause I want those achievement points.

I supposed it advertises stuff from your own country, otherwise it wouldn't make much sense to advertise them :p
They probably need to set up some deals with more companies that might want to advertise their product/services in our game.
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