Christopher's Parade quest missing

Ichabod Stormbringer

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I have a problem on World 12 with this quest not showing up even though I completed the Save The Saloon part 2 quest line. The quest location isn't showing up for me either. Please help.

I have another character on world Arizona who is stuck on the quest. He did Build the float last year, but now the quest won't advance to the next step. This quest is seriously bugged. Please fix it.

Edit: The quest finally showed up on world 12 after my character slept in his town for 8 hours. The quest advanced on world Arizona after my character there slept for 8 hours also. It's sad that they had to do that and waste 8 hours on the time left for the quest. I hope they get to finish it in time this year.
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Kidd Kalypso

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Accept Henry's quest(do not complete it), then go to Chris' place at the ranch. Chris will offer you a quest then.

Lucky Cro

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Think that from now on.. I'll be waiting for last day on doing this repeatable questlines...

Still don't have it working on w11.. (reported problem, hopefully it will be fixed)


christophers quest

same here on fairbank for me..stuck in the quest :(


Quest was fine in Arizona. Make sure you look at the previous quest location to complete some of the Goto quests before the next one appears.


At Fairbank::Regarding Christopher quest :: i completed 1 hr posters but again its asking me to accept the quest when i try to accept , it says you have completed it


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Again issue with this quest .
I didn't manage to finish it last year and got in the middle . Now when I go to the quest point I only see the NPC and he doesn't offer me any quests .
Can you take a look or I should open a ticket .


Problem at Holy Rock

I am having a problem with this quest - I am at the part where I was sent from Waupee's Village to Holy Rock, and it doesn't go any further. I am unable to clear the quest and move on - when I open it, it takes me to the Waupee's Indian Village Open Quests page, and it is not listed there. When I open Holy Rock, it doesn't show anything.


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I think you missed the time frame to complete the quest (it should be finished by the 28th afaik)


The West Team
Indeed, the chance to complete this quest has passed, you'll have to try it again next year.


Got to the final event part (the parade hat), Traveled to all the places and back again to Christopher...No hat.