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Make one Server Chat for the server and remove all the New County chat rooms like Room 1, Room 2 etc.

Current Workaround

One server chat would show all people online on the server. We could finally abuse the annoying enemies in fort battles, something lost with new chat. As an additional benefit, chat up random people.

Abuse Prevention
One possible Abuse - You can't hide from chat, showing you're online to everyone.
Prevention - Add feature to remove from chatroom when clicked on Option to exit chatroom. (I suppose it still does that, but I'm not sure)

Visual Aids

With the county chats gone, we can not chat with players in and around the same area. The players in the new chat rooms are random. This takes away a fun part of the game where we used to banter with the opposing side during the fort battles, as not all of them are in the same room as you are.
Though I think new Room chats are an improvement as there are less rooms with more people in them, we can't change chat rooms and can't really have an open house in chat. Having one server chat could fix that as there'd be no need for changing rooms and all the players on the server would be in there. Also it gives a better opportunity to players who are not part of any alliance to have a social aspect in the game.
I think there is a limit of 80 people per chat room, and when one chat room was filled, another one was opened. So at busy server times there would be multiple county chats. I'm not aware the limit of 80 is imposed due to coding requirements or to ease the pressure off the server, but I hope the ceiling is lifted and there is only county/server Chat.

If you are offended by my idea or the presentation of it or the language, I am a certified sane person. The intent of the proposal is to add fun, and not to be politically correct. Feel free to add your constructive input.

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i think the chats are fine as they are now. but i do prefer the chat system in the west before 2.0.

But if your'e going to do something about chats fix the FF chat. half the time its wrong. and it doesnt show if youre ranked or not or capts and generals


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