Character deletion


I have deleted my character from Briscoe, because I wanted to start from scratch.

Trying to log in I get the message:

Your character on Briscoe is being deleted Today at 11:19 AM.

It's already 12:25PM and my character hasn't been deleted.

What gives?



It take a period of about 5 days before the character is completely removed from the world.


I deleted her five days ago. Then it clearly said that the character will be deleted August 4th 2010 11.19am.

Now it is August 4th 2010 1:35pm (EET) which is 12:35pm server time.


hi, i delete my accolt briskoe 8.12.2016 put not yet delete whay?
i move my accolt w12 briskoe put i gant when briskoe akkolt is delete, delete my briskoe accolt pls!!!!!


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You should send a ticket to support if you're having problems with deleting your character. It's been an issue for a few weeks now.