Character class advice


Hello folks. Started out on the new world. Feels great. :)

Now that I am level 15, I gotta choose a character class and I am torn between soldier and dueler.

I will be actively dueling, so prime focus is on that. Will be FFing on a daily basis too once the world matures to that stage.
SPs are set to be a ranged dueler.

I cant decide if I should go soldier and get the weapon and tactics advantages or go duelist for the crits in FFs and the little duel perks.

Will not be doing much justice to the soldiers HP bonus since I am set to be ranged.
However, except for the crit bonus, nothing else in dueler specialties are very appealing.

What do you all think?


Why even submit yourself to yet another new world that will be filled with not new players but existing toons that already have their cliche and preferences predefined before the the world/server even opened? Don't submit energies and efforts to such, as they will be eventually wasted.