Changing skill points


is there any way to reset skill and attribute points?

if so how, and how much does it cost?


i think i read some place that at lv14 you get a quest that unlocks a shamen that allows you to readjust your points at will


The Shaman offers you the unique ability to undo the assignment of your skill- and attribute points. After you do that you can use the points for whatever you want.

Only possible after completing a series of quests that are offered when reaching level 14. This quest series gives you permanent access to the shaman. To get to the shaman you have to click the big skill symbol in the skill menu.

The Shaman menu looks very similar to the skill menu. You see your current skill and attribute levels and you can set if they include your item bonuses or not. By clicking on a skill or attribute you lower it's level and the points become available again. All changes have to be confirmed!

Every attribute and skill change costs one dollar. The more changes you do, the more the changes cost. They slowly go down again as time passes. It might be a good idea to not change all points at once.

It is not possible to lower skills if all their points come from assigned attribute points. You can also not lower points that have been received from quests or items. While doing any changes your character cannot be working on any job

that was from another similar thread,

hope it helps