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Idea title: Make Councillors of town captains instead of generals in ATTACKS, same as Defenses.

Details of idea: At the moment whenever a fort battle is initiated, all the hats of the attacking town get a General rank. Could be better if it's the same system as in defenses. Founders getting general ranks and councillors getting captains. So even the non-deserving captain can be deranked to a private.

Visual Aid: Councillors of the town get bars beside their name instead of four stars in the attack...

Reasons for submitting: Attacks initiated by a town having enormous amounts of hats of cause problems in movement and with their enormous amount of generals. This often becomes an alliance issue. Our town for example has 14 hats, all of them deserving, but not just because of fort-fights. They deal with other aspects of the game and look after those areas. But just when they sign up for the Attack they get a general rank which often is seen a biased ranking towards the town. I am sure many other towns have the same problem.. and many other towns complain about other towns as well. And I don't see a reason why councillors of the town will get general ranks in attacks and captain ranks in defenses.


I agree that it doesn't make sense for the ranking to be different between attack/defence.

But jeez, 14 hats? I don't see any reason for dealing out that many hats (aside from the fort battle priority that you want to change ;) )

Voted yes.

Little Boy Blue

and them hats not showing up :p pain when u want to fill a ff and no showups :)


The attacking town's councillors are given a general rank so as to balance the number of generals with the defence, who on average should have 2-4 times as many founders. Much better than mucking with this would be the ability for generals on both sides to demote themselves, or even *gasp* not promoting a third of your town in the first place.

Molly Beth

The way to resolve that problem is to not have a stupid number of hats in the town to begin with. Every time the developers start mucking around with game features, it invariably screws everything up. You don't need a game fix for a personnel problem.


This proposal has passed the voting process and will be submitted. Well done.