Changelog 2.177


The West Team
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We are currently planning on updating the game to the version 2.177 on Tuesday, July 5th . Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change.


New achievements
We have prepared 16 new collections related achievements

CategoryAchievement nameDescriptionRequirementRewardPointsIcon
Heroic deedsReady for the celebrationCollect all items of the Dancer's set.Collect following items: hair feather, pearl choker, dancer's dress, high heels, lady horse, kudram's parasol, Adah Isaacs Menkens belt, petticoat.-100
Heroic deedsTrue gentlemanCollect all items of the Gentleman's set.Collect following items: brown top hat, black tie, fancy dress coat, fancy shoes, gallant horse, walking stick, Al Swearengen's eagle belt, black linen pants.Title: Real gentleman100
Items->CollectionsDances with PigsCollect all items of the Farmer's set.Collect following items: brown slouch hat, worker bandana, black clothing, black work shoes, pitchfork, black wool belt, plain black pants-100
Items->CollectionsWhere is my tipi?Collect all items of the Indian's set.Collect following items: Indian feather hat, golden Indian necklace, Indian clothing, moccasins, mustang, Indian Belt, brown Indian pants, Indian tomahawk
Collect following items: Indian feather hat, golden Indian necklace, Indian clothing, moccasins, mustang, Indian Belt, brown Indian pants, Indian bow
Title: Indian Chief100
Items->CollectionsPrepared for the siestaCollect all items of the Mexican's set.Collect following items: sombrero, Mexican bandana, brown Poncho. sandals, donkey, tequila, brown fur pants, Mexican machete
Collect following items: sombrero, brown Poncho. sandals, donkey, tequila, brown fur pants, The Mexican
Title: Amigo100
Items->CollectionsThe holy dutyCollect all items of the Pilgrim's set.Collect following items: pilgrim's hat, silver cross, pilgrim's shirt, pilgrim's shoes, song book, brown buckled belt, pilgrim trousers
Collect following items: pilgrim's woolly hat, copper cross, pilgrim's gown, pilgrim's dress shoes, ring, black buckled belt, pilgrim undergarment
Title: Pious100
Items->CollectionsUniversal remedy for a special price!Collect all items of the Charlatan's set.Collect following items: black bowler hat, fancy bow tie, brown waistcoat, Acid Battle Gun, corrosive acid, charlatan's shoes, elixir, black cartridge belt, black knee-breeches-100
Items->CollectionsMonday morning again?Collect all items of the sleepyhead's set.Collect following items: night cap, night scarf, night gown, bear, pillow, slippers, chamber pot, night beltTitle: Sleepwalker100
Items->CollectionsTreasure hunterCollect all items of the Golden set.Collect following items: Golden Gun, Golden Colt, Golden SabreTitle: Golden cowboy\cowgirl100
Items->CollectionsEvery day is a holidayCollect all items of the Holiday set.Collect following items: snowman's hat, necklace of endearment, festive hero jacket, death's scythe, holiday revolver, rotten eggs, thanksgiving boots, Christmas sled, fireworks rocket, holiday belt, birthday pantsTitle: Party animal
Item: Bavarian Beer
Items->CollectionsBack to the rootsCollect all classic sets.Achieve: Achievements for Dancer's set, Gentleman's set, Farmer's set, Indian's set, Mexican's set, Pilgrim's set, Charlatan's setTitle: Old school
Item: Speared fish
Heroic deedsSleepyhead gangHave 100 bears in your inventory.Have 100 bears in your inventory.Title: Head of the bear band100
Heroic deedsHostlerHave 10 horses of same type in inventory.Have 10 base horses of the same type in inventory.-25
Heroic deedsBreederHave 25 horses of same type in inventory.Have 25 base horses of the same type in inventory.-50
Heroic deedsHorse dealerHave 50 horses of same type in inventory.Have 50 base horses of the same type in inventory.-75
Heroic deedsHorse-manHave 100 horses of same type in inventory.Have 100 base horses of the same type in inventory.Title: Animals' lover
Item: Horseshoe and lasso

Send to all
We have prepared a new main-event related feature. Since now, during main events, you will be able to send event currency to all of your friends in the same time. To send event currency, you have to double click at the currency icon on the friends' bar and then confirm the action.


Localized links on main page

Forum, help, rules and other links on main page will be displayed in language which you selected as your game language. Now all links were displayed in English.

New town logs
We have added new logs in town log. Now you will be able to check who changed town's name and profile.

Independence Day event
We have prepared an Independence Day event for you. More information will be provided soon, in a separate announcement.


Reporting towns and forts
It wasn't possible to report towns and forts name if it had no profile text. Now it's possible.

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. As always we are looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
Your The West Team
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