Change to timer on Event Friend-Sending Items

Big John1970

Rather than have to wait 24 hours after sending eggs/hearts/fireworks etc., I propose that the timer be changed to being able to send once to each person per day.

Current Workaround
There currently is none. We have to currently wait a full 24 hours after each send.

The idea behind this is that people are not always able to come on at the same time every day. As an example...
Someone might send their items at 7AM every morning. Then one day they have to leave the house early and are unable to send them. They don't get back again until 8PM, so they send them then. They then have to wait until 8PM every day in order to send them. Then one day they go out - maybe to a party and are unable to send them at 8PM, so they send them at 1AM - when they get back. They are not able to stay up until 1AM every night, so they revert to sending them at 7AM.
To everyone on their list, that person has not sent any items in that entire 24Hr period.
With this change, you could send them at a time that is convenient for you and you wouldn't be tied to that time and you could still only send them once per day to each person.
For example, you could send the items at 6AM, 2PM or whenever you are ready and when the game-clock resets at the end of the night, so does the timer and you are able to send them once more for the next day.
This will still only allow people to send once per day to everyone but will stop the whole ridiculous idea of having to come on the same time the next day - or later - in order to be able to send.

Abuse Prevention
There is none. You are still not able to send to anyone more than once per day, so it cannot be abused.

Visual Aids
Not really needed. The above explanation says it all.

Everything has already been said. Allowing players to send the items to everyone on their Friends-List once per day instead of being restricted to once every 24Hr-period just benefits everyone.

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? Yes/No
Does this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? Yes/No
At least not that I have been able to find.


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This is pretty similar to the other proposal we had recently regarding the heart/flower generating items. I voted yes on that one, and I'd probably vote yes for this one as well.


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Yes please I can never keep the same time every day so I end up sending eggs sometimes every other day due to rl.

long stroke

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I agree 100%! This should've be implemented several events ago.

The Easter event has me wondering why there were no community awards or the ability to use eggs for higher reward spins offered. After all it's just pretend stuff in an imaginary place.

long stroke

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Another improvement to the way the sending eggs or anything else would be, making the friends list static either by level or alphabetically. It's annoying when the list jumps. I have to scroll thru it 2-3 times to make sure I didn't miss anyone because their position changed.

Gandalf Greyhame

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It'd be a nice change. It's frustrating to wait later and later each day, especially since the DOS preventer times me out after 50 friends are sent.


It makes perfect sense. I don't think this idea requires to be voted upon as it is fairly evident that everyone would be happier, so I'm submitting it as is.

Well done.

Big John1970

Looks like they didn't go for the idea after all. It's still on a 24hour timer. That sucks. It is so STUPID!!! :censored:


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Yeah it's annoying adding friends and they remove you straight away simply because you were waiting for for the 24 hour timer to finish so you can send it to all friends rather than send it to 20 people every 3 hours.