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Poker Alice

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What ever the topic is change it to something else.
Or change it not.
The number is 1.

This topic is related to the east.

The east coast is a fine place to live in the 1800's.
It is far more civilized and is developing in culture and education says honest Abe.
The west however is wild and exciting.
The west is the west even if you live in Texas which is neither east nor west but centrally located on the map.
But they want it to be called the west so we will oblige them.

Now quickly. Change the topic.


It took a tough , resourceful woman to make it with a family out on the prairie. Dust storms, baking heat,
carrying water, splitting wood, washing clothes, tending the fire, cooking, cleaning the soddie or cabin,
maybe caring for some animals like chickens or goats for milk or the family cow, making soap, making candles,
not to mention tending to wandering children and all their needs. Could you have done it?

Poker Alice

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Some I've done in my life but I was much younger. Change gritty dust storms to freezing snow storms in the Canadian wilderness. I never did purchase a goat or a cow. That was be my grandmother's chore. Nanna spoke highly of her cow she had which behaved with affection more like a family pet than a modern day factory worker. For me it was all about poultry and yes carrying water from the hand pumped well every morning. Having the wood prepared for the wood cook stove was also a daily task while fighting off the black flies. Never did get around to making candles but tried soap once but then gave in to buying it in town. I was glad of the experience. It was period in my life that demanded a lot of my time but there was peacefulness and joy in all the little things as well. Now I have all the comforts that the city provides.

It must have been much more difficult in the 1800's. And you Kate? If only we had a time machine and go back and find out.


Hey Poker Alice ( great name by the way) I had my pioneer days for 10 years in the'80s. Cabin with no plumbing for 10 years,
no electric power for a whole year ( power company would not come back that far off the road, we had to save up to buy
our own pole AND set it in the ground and get the insulators.) Carrying water from the creek, which entailed smashing through
ice with a sledge hammer in winter, minus 20 or 30 degrees) Splitting wood for the stove. Sometimes wake up with snow on
the bed that drifted through the soffit) Riding a bicycle to the store in the tiny town with a toddler on the back. While wacking at the deer flies that had a bite like you wouldn't believe! Mosquitoes were our state bird, LOL. Blackflies, oh yeah, they are murder. So, Yeah, it taught me
alot and toughened me up. I think I could have made it as a pioneer woman in the West.

Poker Alice

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this should be in games yeah?
What should be in games? Good question what should be in games.
But did you mean the topic? Not my call. What the O.P. called for as the title suggested was change the topic. So expect to see some randomness around any topic therefore making it difficult to classify. It is very much like tomatoes right?

Sometimes wake up with snow on
the bed that drifted through the soffit

I want to get back to you on my real life experiences Kate in another post if that is okay but I think you had it rougher than I did in your cabin. Mountain cabin? You have reminded me not of the internet game, the west but the game within the game of the west game. This game let us call "player head space game" which is something only the player might know of.

How did you feel about snow inside the house?

I've read so much in this forum about "annoyances" and complaints too that it tends to influence a persons thinking. However, let me ask you what was your head space actually like at that time in your cabin game? In this case the game is not a online video game at all but a real life game.

But can we call real life a game? I think we could. Anyone who has experienced for example even a touch of winter cabin fever will know what I am talking about. Cabin fever is not a real thing. It is not even a fever. It is a condition, a mind state, a player head space game. The effects of cabin fever can be a funny story to share around a hot coffee or it can be very serious.