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I propose to alter the recipe for Create gem-studded saddle pommel to provide for an alternative to the single emerald requirement by either requires semi-precious stones or requiring any one of the three cut stones (Emerald, Ruby or Diamond).

Current Workaround
No Current work around for recipe requirements.

The Gem studded pommel recipe should be changed to allow for improved crafting and bring saddlers on par with other crafts.

Current Requirements: 1 Uncut Emerald and 1 Resin (1 Saw and 1 Jug Tonic Peddler)

Why Change:
1.) Finding an uncut stone is already a drop that is rarer than almost any other drop required for crafting. It was less than 3 percent under the old structure. Restricting that drop to just emeralds or 1/3 of the already 3 percent drop rate is unreasonable for what is the best crafting item for saddlers.

2.) The equivalent crafted items for other crafts, while requiring more materials, do not require anything with nearly as low a drop rate. This puts the saddler at a disadvantage on the world market.

1.) 1 Resin and Any Uncut Stone (This could allow for more creative results by allowing different stones to have different outcomes.
2.) X Resins and X Semi-Precious Stones (X could reflect similar requirements for level 450 Recipes for other crafts.)

Abuse Prevention
Restricting it to any uncut gems would not flood the market with pommels. The job is still extremely difficult to do and requires special skilling to maintain a level of challenge.

Visual Aids

This change would serioussly benefit saddlers in the competitive world market by providing more opportunities to make the best crafted items they can. The craft took a hit with the reduced travel times already and could stand for a boost. Other players would gain from more pommels on the market for their use.

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