Change in Kansas settings

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Dear players of Kansas,

In the latest weeks, there has been severe abuse from some players from all the alliances of the server of the Fort Battle functionality.

This has caused a big cut of the player base of Kansas server to reach us for help, due to the impossibility of enjoying and taking part in the multiplayer functionality.
The attitude of few disrupted the game for many others and this forced us to change some settings in the server configuration, and hence from now the declaration of multiple fort battles on the server is requiring more resources.
Since this is only a small change and might not be enough to prevent the abuses from these players, we will start to issue warnings, punishment and eventually bans, to those that intentionally will try to prevent others from playing a game feature.

We are sure that with the goodwill of all the players, everyone will be able to enjoy the fort battle feature without having to abuse the game.

Your The West Team
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