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i like duelling in the game but its not really deulling..
a duel is when 2 opponents willingly and knowingly compete in a stand off..
this is not what happens in this game.. thats one reason ALOT of players get mad at duellers..
its because they attack them while in work gear and on a job..
it should have some kind of alarm or notice to all that is being challenged..
that way they can choose to change their cloths and cancle their job to defend their self in a duel or choose to stay on the job and get ambushed by the attacker..
every time a duel has been made its not a duel.. its more of an ambush because your opponent has no idea of your challenge until the attack is over and the report comes in..
if it is really going to be duelling then fix it to where it is a duel or change the name to ambushing..
just a thought..
plus would atleast give duellers a chance to defend their selves when on a job and make it more equal duels if both the attacker and defender know they are being challenged or challengeing..
i just reall think it would make the game more equal to ALL players and classes..
plus give duellers a actual duel and a chance to fight an formitable opponent instead of ambushing them while on a job and out of duel gear..
and will also make duellers work harder to get their skills up to attack other duellers because alot of the attacks are unfair and everyone knows it.. the deffender really has no chance at all unless they STAY IN DUEL GEAR!!

just a thought and an oppinion..
please just give your thoughts on the idea..

and thanks for letting me be part of the game..:D


and then everyone's just going to run into hotels when they are being dueled, this idea basically says duelers can only duel duelers, big NO from me


Personally I liked the basics of this idea, which distinguished between a duel and an ambush: Dueling Option: Challenge or Ambush

I doubt any major changes in dueling like that will pass, but you need to follow the format in Guidelines for Posting [READ FIRST].
sorry i am not a writer or even know how to put this in format to where it can stay posted..
basicly it was an idea because what it really is so far is ambushing your opponent because they have NO knowledge of being challenged untill the attack is over their for while working and in least defencive gear you are subject to more attacks..
that is really unfair in the game and makes players look like bullies for not challengeing players that have somewhat gear to defend them selves..

if it gave like some kind of warning like say 5 min before attack actualy takes place then the defender will have 5 min to either chage in the best defencive gear they have or stay and be attacked and take their chances..

and by the remark they will just run to hotel.. well if they can make it to hotel in 5 min then they are prepaired in first place for a duel or at least expecting one to stay that close to their town or a town.. ALOT of the jobs are farther away from towns than 5 min.. but could make it 3 min.. just really enough time to decide to change and defen or stay and be attacked in work gear..

it would just make the game more equal and more chalengeing to duellers and make them work harder to get skill build sets and gear sets better..

or the ambush/duel select would be nice..
but i was proposeing to just give some kind of warning to defenders that their being attacked.. i dont mean as soon as ya hit duel a player it shows up and says you've just been
it waits till 3 to 5 min before the attack begins and then lets them know.. that way they have just enough time to decide to defend the best they can or take chances the way they are on the job..

if anyone likes this idea and can put it in format to where it can and will be posted thanks alot and good luck..
i cant do that..
i am not that good of a writer or able to put it in the right
i can get my point across but in my own

like i said it was just an idea..
thanks for the oppinions so far..


you better do it or else ... Rebow i watching :)

I disagree with the warning. Duels are made spontaneously int his game, think of it as you insulted your opponent in a saloon and now he drew his weapon ... there is no way to decline that :)
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